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Friday, February 17, 2012

Up Country

Road trip was what we did today. Showing the family the side of the island that they had never seen. It was fun. We started out at Alii lavender farm, and daughter was in heaven. She loved it up there. The lavender was blooming and with acres of it, the sweet scent was luscious.  We toured a bit, sampled lavender tea, coffee, shortbread, and scones. Something for everyone.

From there we moved up the road to the winery. Not the greatest wine in the world, but lovely grounds, and a fun place to take photos.

We had lunch across the street at a cowboy market BBQ.  Kuhulua pork sandwiches were so fresh and slightly smokey, we made quick work of those.

Moving on to the goat farm, we tasted 5 cheeses with almost cold beer, then #1 and I did the tour, which ended with milking the goats. #1 was ecstatic. Neither of us had milked a goat, and as #1 said, "he was a natural"

this pretty little bird sang the most beautiful song. Have no idea what kind of bird he is, but he certainly knows how to sing!

I love the unusual color of this flower

Tonight's sunset was the loveliest yet. In the distance, a whale was slapping his tail as if beating a drum to announce the end of a day. 

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