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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Slice of Heaven

This morning we packed up and headed to baby beach. Let's just say baby boy feels the same way about Hawaii as I do! He has never spent so much time out doors, and loved the freedom to run, throw sand, and splash in the water. It was a joy to behold
Lucy and Chris striking a pose
Teak to Teak...never mind that baby boy is standing on a chair, could flip or crash any moment, they have important things to discuss.  LOL
It has taken lots of coaxing to get #1 comfortable in the ocean. This was a first step...after this we walked out and just looked at coral. No fish to be found. One sea slug that he found to be somewhat gross, but I got him relaxing a bit more with each coral head we discovered.

Perfectly normal paddle boarding..HA

This totally reminded me of the movie Black Swan, only the white swan was the crazy one!

Strolling through Kaanapali with his boy on a leash...tee hee...he loved it.

#1 And I had a great time searching for sea glass in front of the condo. He literally had to be drug out the door, convinced he wasn't going to go in the ocean.  Once we started, and he found the glass, it wasn't long before he was bending and having the waves lick his eyebrows.  He would announce, "one eyed Ty" and laugh and we would continue...He's ready for the boogie board with a window in it.  Now if I could just find one!  tomorrow we attempt snorkeling. Wish us well.


Mrs. Parker said...

Great pictures MG!! Wishing we were enjoying Maui too -- have a great time!

Melanie said...

REALLY beautiful shots MG! You have a beautifl family, & you can see the love in these shots!

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