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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's girl, a little bit of woe

Three weeks traveling in Europe, her daddy at her beck and call, lots of mama time. Add a bit of a cold, and a full day with Tutu, and baby girl was a bit out of sorts. I felt bad. she would smile at me, and then 30 seconds later start crying. Oh sweet baby, you are still so cute, even when unhappy.

Her daddy calls her a song bird, as she loves to sing along while he sings and plays the guitar for her. I do think she's daddy's girl. He's hopelessly in love.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Week in rewind week #30

This has been such a fun week! Art Fair, high school reunion, son, daughter-in-law, and baby girl returning home after three weeks in Europe. The weather has been glorious!

 Went shopping with the little guy and his mom. New shoes for both boys, a couple of shirts, and hat. He was wild, but it was fun.
 Swung by the high school to take some shots of the kids camp. I love all the enthusiasm being shown for the new coach and the hope of unity among the community.
 Got little guy to sit still for 30 seconds and got him in his new shirt and hat
 These two have quite the life. Stretching, sleeping, eating...oh to have the life of a cat.
 High school reunion at the local ball park. Home team won, and there was a wonderful fireworks show after the game.
 Reconnecting with my sweet friend who came from Illinois. We were brownie scouts, girl scouts, and friends all through high school. It was so fun to sit and laugh and retell stories from our youth.
Baby girl has grown so much in three weeks! Five months old now, and still such a cutie!

Favorite shot from July

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun reunion

Oh my, so many years have gone by since high school. Too many to count. We had our reunion. At the time we were seniors, we were the largest class in the school's history. 680 seniors. We managed to get 80+ to travel from as far away as Germany, Wisconsin, & Illinois.

So fun to reconnect and visit with many people I have seen or even thought about since high school. I was so proud that this group had turned into wonderful, caring, creative, and successful people. Sadly, we had 35 that have died. That seemed like a lot. We aren't THAT old. We have decided that every ten years is too long. We will meet again in five years, and hopefully those that are close to this area, can meet up a couple of times a year and stay connected.

One of my favorite moments from the reunion. We may be old, but we are young at heart!

happy jax

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week's hunt includes, paint, green, eyelashes, shapes, and clouds. I've had a busy weekend with a high school reunion. Being on the planning committee it has meant many hours of organizing and setting up, and today I'm off for clean up. It's exhausting, exhilarating, and very fun catching up with people I haven't seen in oh so many years.
Now on with the hunt!
 A field of bush beans not far from my home.

 A sculpture of rounds at the art fair
 Such pretty clouds the other morning, I had to run and grab my camera.

 I never tire of looking at this little guy's long eyelashes.

Some pretty painted pottery

Friday, July 27, 2012

Red, red, rose

Leanne over at Flower art Friday asked for red flowers to celebrate the ruby, July's birthstone. What could be more perfect than a red, red rose? While poking around the Salem Art Fair, I wandered through the Bush House rose garden and saw this perfect red rose.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday's boy is full of many things

Little man changes daily. He loves hat, and balls. All types of balls. At this time he's sports confused. He will grab anything. A toothbrush, a spoon, and place it on his shoulder and pretend to be a baseball player. At times he wears a football helmet and carries a racket ready to play "bat and ball" his favorite demand of late. Oh sweet boy, what will you do as you grow?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...an evening with future football players

Summer is here, the evenings are warm, and the boys are hitting the local high school in hopes of becoming football players. From seven years up to 13 years old, divided by age, the young men tried to show the high school coaches what they had.

So much energy and excitement. Many parents were sitting off in the shade watching their young sons run the different courses, no doubt dreaming of the day they will don the royal blue and white and be Celtic.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

My crazy week in rewind....close bonds

How can it be this late in July? The weeks are flying by and I can't seem to keep up!

This week was about close bonds. Friends visiting from California, fresh flowers and fruit, two of my favorite things,  a jewelry party at the daughter's house, time with the little guy and bubbles, which he now asks for each time he comes over.Watching #1 in a skit at vacation bible school, An engagement shoot, and a cat who is the only one who relaxes no matter what the day The week is crazy, but it's all mine!

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