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Friday, February 17, 2012

A day to stay put

After all the go, go, go, it was nice to have a day at home. Chris and I hit Kapalua Bay bright and early. We were the first ones there, and when we got out, there were  people everywhere.  Loved getting a jump on the snorkeling!

We walked up to farmer's market, met a massage lady and booked a rub down for Boppy.  Lucy tagged on, and she came to us.  The lanai off our bedroom was the perfect location for massage. Ocean and fresh air, and tons of privacy. They both enjoyed it immensely.  She brought her own table, and Hawaiian music.

Shell hunting

We had Maui sweet corn, green salad and ribs that we slow cooked all day. A delicious finish to our day.  After ocean, pool, return to ocean, then back to the pool, it has been a busy stay at home day, but one that I think we all needed.
Our little breakfast friends


Mr. Turtle came swimming by, and somebody had to go swimming with him
Baby boy learning to use the window board

learning to skip rocks

Feeding the eels for the new group that came in

Another sunset in the books. How many photos can one person have of sunsets? Don't ask. We keep taking one after another. Tomorrow is another adventure....


Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh my- that massage looks so nice!

MommyG said...

Ohhh a massage!! Sounds wonderful! Love hearing how wonderful the days have been!

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