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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

coconuts, snorkel, & sunshine

It took a lot of coaxing, but I finally got #1 on the board in the ocean. He was most proud of himself, and enjoyed it.  Today we went to the Makena side of the island, and we got him out in the ocean.  My happiest moment was when he popped his head up and announced, "I saw a humuhumunukanukaoapao!"  Ahhh, it's happened, he loves the ocean.  Of course I did what any respectable Tutu would do, and while picking up more supplies at costco, I grabbed a junior snorkel set.  He paddled up and down the pool, breathing through the snorkel and paddling up a storm.  Tomorrow he will do snorkeling.

This is behind our condo...very shallow, surf was a little rough, but he did great. This is when I convinced him that he would be great in a snorekling spot.

Going to the market, and buying a coconut.  Both boys enjoyed the water inside, which is more than I can say about the adults.  :-)

Sunset in our backyard.  ahhhhhh

Yes, the cheering squad enjoyed the shade, and watching whales while we went out to snorkel.  Throwing rocks is a fun past time for little boys, so this spot was actually pretty perfect.

Note small campfire that #1 built.  Baby boy kept saying "hot"
LaPerrusse Bay.  After looking at volcanic rock it was time for shopping for the girls, and refreshments for the boys.  The shops at Wailea were a perfect stop.  Picked up a birthday gift for Goosie girl, and now she will have something new to wear when we celebrate her 30th.  Tutu got new flip flops, which made me most happy.

Tutu and her boys at the pupu platter.  Say that fast three times, and add a pupu punch to drink....please don't judge me, they were delicious.

Another day off the vacation.  A very happy valentine's day...the best way to spend it. Ocean, and loved ones. It just doesn't get any better than that.


Melanie said...

First off... Happy Heart Day to you my lovely friend! Looks like your all having the best time! You sweet grands will always remember & treasure this time w/ their cool Grandma! Btw, your are SO beautiful! You can tell you love your fam, they make you shine!

OMGoodness... the pic w/ the littlest & C-nut, priceless

Angie said...

Oh!! I just love the little ones drinking from the coconut! What precious captures. :)

Looks like everyone is having the most wonderful time there! :)

MommyG said...

YAY for #1 and snorkeling tomorrow!!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes! And i LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of the boys enjoying the coconuts. Looks like you are having an amazing time! xoxo

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