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Sunday, February 12, 2012

More fun than an ocean full of whales

This morning at dark-o-thirty we snuck out of our beds, quickly dressed, grabbing a roll, a cup of coffee, apple bananas, and headed for the pier of Lahaina. This was to be the morning of the whale watching adventure.

Once we found our premier spots top deck in the center, we were treated to the sky turning the water the softest sweetest pink. Black whales tales popping up here and there, but the captain wanted us to see the sunrise over Halekala.  I thought the pink and blue combo on the ocean was the softest sweetest sight. Reminding me that it won't be long and there will be a new sweet blue or pink someone joining our family.

#1 was very observant, and spotted whales long before most adults noticed them.  We had one whale come so close to the boat, that they call it being mugged.  A boat is not to get within a 100 yards of a whale, but if a whale comes to us, then we have to wait for them to leave.  The sound of them blowing when they were right next to the boat was deafening! They can blow water out of their spout at 300 mph, so imagine the sound when that force is in effect!

We watched a mama and her calf, a competition pod trying to gain the attention of a certain lady whale, and watched some big pectoral fins slapping the surface.  So many different things to see, it was the best whale trip I've taken to date.

Hello sunrise! Aren't you the most beautiful sight to behold!

I don't know which is louder, the splash, or the screams from the folks on the boat. These big guys were quite near the boat!

It was such a fantastic two hours.  I have some more really incredible shots, but since I'm hijacking wifi, it doesn't always work.  :-)  I will try to put some up later...everyone is a bit tired, cranky, and Lucy, #1, and I are hitting the whale boat again. Hope two early mornings doesn't make #1 too cranky!

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MommyG said...

Looks magnificent! LOVE the sunset with the sunburst...sooooo beautiful!

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