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Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Find

I spent last month in Maui. I had hoped to blog during that time, but other things kept coming up. I visited this church on the far side of the island. Back in the '40's this small town was destroyed by a tidal wave. The church remained standing. I've always been in awe of this area. The black rocks with white waves crashing against them. The simple stone church surrounded by palm trees, and a small cemetery beside it.

We went inside the church and an older woman was decorating the alter with large leaves and bird's of paradise. She started welcoming us, and told us the story of the tidal wave. She was just a baby in the crib, her siblings were under the house (placed on stilts to let water pass during high tides) and her mother had told her the story of the tidal wave so many times, she retold it to us.

It was an amazing story, of animals being washed away, homes going to different locations, and fish just laying on the ocean floor flapping about.  A small town, with a rich history, and a lovely woman who truly showed us the Aloha spirit.

I added Kim Klassen's vintage grain overly, and added some clouds to what was a gray day.

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