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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pearl in the oyster

When Lucy was a little girl, we would go to Hawaii and pick an oyster. You tap it three times, say "Aloha" and then they split it open to see what you find. It's been a fun tradition, she still has her pearls, an when she told #1 the tradition, he had to try it. Each day he would ask if today was the day. Finally the day came, and Oh what fun it was!

Star fruit.  Turns out only baby boy and I like them.

My new kicks

baby boy's new girlfriend. He calls her "lady" but her name is Kinley, and she's from Canada. She's an older woman at 19 mo.

#1 and I played a little Yahtzee by the ocean for a morning start. Watching whales and rolling dice. Quite nice
Today's finds in front of our place

Trying to decide which oyster to choose

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Twins!!! Two perfect pink pearls!

BIG black bees here

lunch at Hula Grill. Fish taco's that were SO good!

I really wish I had this sign. It sums it up perfectly

There they were, walking Teak to Teak.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, except I liked the bright colors and the beachiness of it all.

We have had such great fun here, met some really truly nice folks.  Tonight I was visiting with a woman who was the grandma to the sweet girls from Alaska. The more we chatted, I learned that she's a body guard in Hollywood to the stars. Presently guarding Steven Spielberg's mother.  Go figure.  She's a hoot, we had lots of laughs during the two weeks. Her family was here all 22 of them, and they were a fun bunch. 

Only a couple of days left. We still have things to do...going to savor what is left...The world is our oyster.


MommyG said...

TWINS!! I loved that! I bet he was so excited! :) Miss you guys...so glad you are having a PERFECT trip!

R and R's Grandparents said...

Twin pink pearls = earrings for mom? Love the Teak-n-Teak pix...little Teak is getting SO BIG. Love being able to live vicariously through your photos...as I'm sitting here watching the snow fall...a different kind of beauty but I'd rather be in the sun right now. Suck the marrow out of these last couple of days! Enjoy!!

Melanie said...

I just loved the pic of little & "lady"! Lol... it could be the title for a great romance novel.. "The Little & Lady!"... or something like that? The twin pearls, beautiful! I'm a sucker for carrying on those wonderful family traditions. Enjoy the rest of your trip my dear! Xo

Patrice said...

Love that oyster tradition!

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