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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Night sky and the nursery in the ocean

I can't decide what I like more. The brilliant sunsets at night, or the soft pink sky in the morning.  It's a toss up. In the mornings, the sky is the softest baby pink, and the ocean takes on a gorgeous gray green color.  It almost reminds you of a baby's room. We look out in the ocean, and not far off shore, there are two mother whales with their calves. It's so sweet and peaceful to watch them inch around, throw a pectoral fin up (we guess that's when they're nursing) and after about an hour, they head out for deeper water.  We've named the area in front of our place, the nursery.

Today was housekeeping day, and we had to be out by 8:30.  We headed out to a Preserve up the road.  After parking and walking through the jungle, #1 was asking questions about Tarzan.  After seeing the vines, and even swinging on them #1 is now a believer in Tarzan and all of his tales.

We hit the water immediately, #1 a little nervous, but once we manuevered all the big rocks, we were off. He pointed at different fish we saw, and it was wonderful.  Bad thing is, he has NO meat on his bones, and gets chilled very quickly, so we headed back in, and all in all it was a fantastic first snorkel experience.

Son-in-law and I went out, and it was gorgeous. Sun reflecting on coral, many different fish swimming about. He saw an octopus. I made the remark, "If we see a turtle, this would be a perfect day" Speak and behold! We enjoyed a medium sized boy turtle for 5-7 minutes, then headed back in.

Between the chickens, and feral cats, Baby boy was entertained.  There were even two baby chicks to add to the crazy Maui chicken brood.

Daughter and son-in-law went to town, and the boys were with Boppy & Tutu. We played by the ocean, collecting shells and sea glass, waded in the waves, and then hit the pool.  Tutu didn't use enough sunscreen and is feeling it a bit on her back tonight!

Another beautiful day in paradise, not sure what tomorrow will bring, but whatever it is, it will be fine.

This was the view from the chaise lounge at the pool.  Ty has made friends with a lovely little girl from Wasilla, AK. Say what you may about Sarah Palin, but the family from Wasilla rocks!

Sweet pink morning sky

Mama whale feeding calf

little baby whale tail

Baby boy chillaxing

Yes, second verse, same as the first.

Friendliest Feral cat I've ever seen! Chickens and cat were all after baby boy's food

Channeling his Tarzan

The eels came out for bits of chicken
Just a sample of some of our treasures we've found behind our place
The bay blades were broken out for entertainment

As silly as it seems, this made my heart so happy. #1 with his mask and snorkel just playing around in the water and searching for shells and sea glass.  The surf was picking up, and he was being tossed around quite a bit, but he stayed with it.

Taking time to smell the flowers is important

Silly dance moves that ended jumping in the pool.  Too hysterical!

 In case you haven't noticed, we're having a BALL.  Thanks for stopping by.  No doubt tomorrow will be more of the same which is fine by me!


Songbook said...

What a lucky shot of the whale's tale! The eels would have freaked me out a little :). You are so lucky to live in such a paradise!

Melanie said...

This is vacation your whole family will treaure & remember forever, especially the littles! You are capturing if perfectly freind.

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