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Friday, February 10, 2012

It Blows

Another high surf warning day.  Trying to learn patience for not going snorkeling...We went to Kapalua bay, saw the red flag, talked to folks that said it was murky, and headed up to option #2 the blow hole.  I was there in November and was so surprised how the terrain had changed.  Lots of moisture (wet trail) up quite a ways. Crosses marking the spots where others before us had lost their lives. Lucy feeling more than a little nervous about Ty being along. :)  Ty informed her "Tutu would never put me in danger, she's got my hand"  Oh how I love that boy!

High surf made for lovely blow hole.  The scenery was spectacular so all was not lost. We came back, hit the pool, went to the brewery for pupu's, then I went to an appointment for acupuncture.  Yes, I was the human voo doo doll.  Nice lady, pleasant experience. Cross that off my list.

Always enjoy watching my turtle friends having a meal. They come down in front of our place, six to eight at a time and nibble and surf. Very entertaining.

We discovered that two large moray eels live under the rocks beside the stairs that go to the ocean.  People throw them meat, and out they come.  Another cheap entertainment.

The whales are busy as ever. Spouting, jumping, slapping tails and entertaining us.. Waiting for calmer seas, then taking everyone out on a whale watching trip.

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Melanie said...

You are truly in a photographers paradise for taking pictures. OH that turtle shot is so great! So jealous!

Btw. Ceecee & I are having SO much fun. Thanks to my Canon Fairy)

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