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Sunday, October 30, 2011

And then I snapped!

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and then, she {snapped}
My favorite shot from the week.  For many reasons, but mostly because it makes me smile, and makes me think of dear friends so far away in Vienna.

Sweet little Photo Shop Halloween things

Fall is in the air. Family time is precious, it's fleeting and our family is so on the go. People flying in and out, China, Monaco, Hawaii, hunting trips. Throw in the littles visits with the "other" side, soccer, school, phew! It's a wonder we ever see each other at all.

I managed to corral the crew for a night of pumpkin carving, pizza eating, pie and ice cream, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin pie punch ( not such a great treat)  We had fun, we made mention of "next year" so perhaps I've hit upon a time when we can all come together.

I love Halloween. I love the colors, the kids, the make believe of being someone in a costume. It's fun and silly.

without further adieu, here is my swap of photos from our fun evening.
Been working on perfecting an apple pie recipe....getting closer

I'm never in photos. I decided to try a group shot since it never happened at the wedding.  Problem is, new camera, never used the timer, and had no idea how to make the timer longer. I wasn't in the first four shots! Moved the tripod closer, and Luke did the running. It really was hysterical!

Our lovely pumpkins

Almost the close of th evening. Pumpkins carved, pizza consumed, pie devoured, and everyone being busy doing something

sweetest little goblins...ninja and lion 

Another scavenger hunt

Oh me oh my...I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, disconnected, not sure why.  Finally got the laptop back, and now I need to get reorganized and sort, and make sense of all that is!

This week's hunt over at Ashley's Ramblings and Photos.

This week's items are Macro, found texture, home, cover and "the tree"  Here we go, my findings.


In the pacific NW we usually have cloud cover

I don't have a macro lense, it's on my wish list...last of the summer flowers

found texture
The squirrel feeder on the tree

The tree
Oh how I love this tree.  Without it we would cook in the summer time. The squirrels, birds, and frogs enjoy it as well. A little messy, but it has served us well.

A rare night when all the kids were here. Pumpkin carving, eating, laughing, and singing. Missing from photo but present are the hubs and #1

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A moment in time wildlife challenge

Ok,here is one more. I can't turn down an invitation.  I stumbled upon A moment in time website, which has glorious photos, and thought I would put doe, a deer, a female deer in for the challenge this week.

A Moment In Time Photoblog

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall is in the air

Ah, autumn, fall, tomato, tomatah call it what you may, it's still a glorious time of the year! The warm rich colors are starting to show their faces in the Pacific NW. I know the east coast has the rights on the most glorious of changing colors, but I still get excited to find bright colors here.

I'm linking up with  sweet little gals, photo swap at  http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/

Without further adieu, here is fall in the Willamette Valley

Baby boy is obsessed with tractors right now

He looks so sweet in his jumper in the gourds

Big brother is always full of fun peeking out from under the gourds

Getting photos of these two has become as easy as herding cats!

so much to do at the pumpkin patch

Mr. Pumpkin in the patch

He was so excited and ran all around...no doubt thinking the pumpkins were orange balls out for him to play with

The sun put the spotlight on this pumpkin

I love this view taken from under a green tree. The texture of the wall with the leaves was so pretty

He ran, and tried to hide, but I see you Mr. Squirrel!

Let them be little

This is the theme at I heart faces. It comes at a time when I've been in awe of how quickly they turn from babies to boys....blink, and it's gone!

Here is one to remember. Mr. Blue eyes.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday scavenger hunt 10-23-11

Another week has flown by. Still without my laptop, but promises of repair have been made, and hopefully I'll be back in business by next week.

We have been so fortunate to have some sunny days this week. The gray has stayed hidden most days, and the sun has been out in all it's glory!  Here are my interpretations from Ashley's scavenger hunt Sunday.  You can check out the other entries by clicking on the button below.


This is one of my favorite things. This frame with it's lovely message, and the sweet photo of #1 with his Boppy. He's hanging on every word.  Melts my heart.
                                                       Look on the Bright Side
 Sunshine streaming in through my dining room window and reflecting back at me!

Old Glory in all her finery flying at yesterdays football game

#1 peeking out from under a crate of gourds

Also linking the above photo to Paper Heart Camera
Baby boy running through the orange pumpkins at the patch. He was so energized and excited. Very fun to watch

Monday, October 17, 2011

Something sweet

Here's another photo challenge. The laptop will be sent away in a few days, and I will have access back into "my world" until then, here's one of my all time favorites from the archives.

I love this photo.  #1 and his "Boppy" taking a stroll on a lovely spring day.  Oh, they get big too fast!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

sunday scavenger hunt 10-16

Quick background.  Due to technical problems, my laptop is down. I had my folder all ready for scavenger hunt, but alas, I can't get to those photos with the exception of stars.  The good news it, it was wonderful to look way back at my old photos on another computer.  Brought back many happy memories.  The only shot from this week, is the fire, that I just took.  



ok, maybe a stretch...I'm desperate...abstract mountain compared to the mountains behind.
                                              SEEING FACES IN STRANGE                  UNEXPECTED PLACES

This one is special.  I forgot I had this. It's my brother, and reflected in his glasses is his youngest daughter on her wedding day 7-7-07.  He's no longer with us, and it made me smile to see him looking at me in my photo.


computer villans

Some evil force has come in and messed with our ability to be in the cyber world.  It started with an old desk top that was mainly used for #1 grandson to compute and hit PBS kids and explore. It hold lots of old photos, and some word documents. 

Mr. and I both have personal laptops, and that's where I store my photos, and my day to day business.  Well long story short, took the desktop in to get it fixed up, cleaned up, and for a minimal amount of $$ got a new tower, old stuff loaded, and came home to get the wireless working.  For reasons unknown to me or comcast, things weren't working. CD wouldn't load, I went to the web page, downloaded the driver, still didn't work.

After seven, yes seven phone calls, and I'm starting to be at my wits end I've connected them into my Internet world, they determine that the router is faulty.  Seriously?  Hours and hours, and frustration, and now I need a new machine.  Geesh.

In the meantime, my laptop got shut with the cord across it, and now I have no screen.  I'm sick. I had photos all lined up for this week's scavenger hunt. It's my new favorite Sunday treat. I will pass this week, and hopefully have a personal laptop by next week. Then, perhaps all three computers will be back in the wonderful wireless world.

Until then, here is a photo of #1 on the bearskin rug....I think my photo skills have improved since then, but look at that sweet face, and those adorable buns!  Bare on bear.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vintage photo

{A Photo} Challenge
This week's photo challenge over at Mikaya's blog is Vintage.  This photo is one, that I think is timeless. There is no clue as to the year. It could be any baby, from any time, even long ago. At least here in the Pacific Northwest we will find photos like this in antique shops! 
Here is cutie pie, bare on bear.

Monday, October 10, 2011


This week's I heart faces photo challenge doesn't have a face. It's hands....Here's my entry..what a special day this was. I've known the groom for many many years, and it was wonderful to see how happy he was.

To check out the other entries, click on the I heart faces button at the top of the blog...there's some good ones!

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