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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick look at my R&R

Here's a peek at some of what happened on our six day get away.  Traveling with folks that are retired, I was informed this was not a vacation, but a "trip" so here is our TRIP quickly....You may recognize some of the people as the ones that we took a "trip" with to Hawaii.  Patti and I were the ones that capsized in the kayak. Nothing too dramatic this trip, just bike rides, laughs, and lots of games. I think our word skills have improved, if I could just remember all the new words I learned!  The cute two year old is the first grandchild for Gary and Susie, who were our hosts on this wonderful trip that they "won" at the Boys and Girls Auction last fall.

Mr. Mark was unable to stay the whole time. Business kept calling him away, but since he'd been on a very manly hunting trip the week before, I think he had a good rest.  We rode bikes until our legs were feeling such a burn, that we headed back to soak tired muscles in the hot tub.

Why photography?

Not an easy answer. I drive my family crazy. I have heard, "no more photos" "put the camera down" etc. etc. etc. 

My answer to them is this.  Someday at my funeral, be sure to tell people you will miss my photos, because I think you will.

I capture our family like no one else in my family does. I try to find the details, the emotion, and the joy.

I enjoy taking photos, and I'm enjoying the art of photography and learning more. Trying new settings on the camera, new lenses, it's a journey that is not a fast one, but one that I enjoy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Savenger Hunt 9-25

With items like Low key, color wheel, circle, scarf, and phone, I found myself challenged and looking hard all week.  I even stooped to dressing my small friend Rowdy at Home Goods! Just to let you know, no scarves were harmed in the process, and all were placed back on the display as neatly as I found them.
I managed to take all the photos this week with the exception of one, the color wheel.  It's just too perfect to not add.
                                                                        LOW KEY

I'm back in Central Oregon. The air is dry, and smells of pine. It was a very clear night, and the stars were so magnificent as we sat in the hot tub. Luckily one of my travel buddies is most excellent with the constellations, and pointed out all of the interesting formations up in the sky.
                                                                        COLOR WHEEL

This shot was taken on our last trip to Vienna.  Our son played American football for seven years there.  Unfortunately, on this last trip we didn't get to watch him play, as he had broken his leg.  It was sad on many levels. A mother hates seeing her child hurt, not matter how old they are, and his nephew was so excited to watch Uncle Luke play, and that didn't happen either.  That aside, the back of the Ubahn (underground train) had the perfect color wheel

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A photo I'm proud of

One more photo challenge by Allie & Mikayla.  This week's challenge is "a photo you're proud of"

Not my most beautiful shot, not the most artist, but I love this because it's real. Real emotion caught in an instant. My daugher, son-in-law and grandson when the parents first met him. The expression on my daughter's face is priceless, and you can see the ear to ear grin on daddy's face too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Touch of sunshine...again

OK, I have the button, here we go again.

OK, I have the button, here we go again.

A touch of sunshine I heart faces

Of course when a photo challenge for sunshine is posted, we have rain! Most of my sunny photos don't have people in them, but here is one attempt at meeting the criteria.

To see other entries, go to I heart faces  http://www.iheartfaces.com/2011/09/photo-challenge-light/#more-6228

Sunday, September 18, 2011

sweet little photo swap

This has been wedding week. A very dear family had their daughter's wedding last night. The decorating began on Wednesday, and it continued until an hour before guests arrived. Phew! It's a right of passage that friends do for friends. Helping prepare the wedding site. It's exhausting, but so rewarding to see the smiles on the wedding couple's faces. Here are some of my favorite photos from the rehearsal and wedding.

Color wheel for Kat Eye View of the world

This week's lesson over at The Kat Eye View of the World is the color wheel.  Here are my examples (I hope I got them right!)

                                                                         Color Wheel
This photo made me think of the color wheel, as it looks as though all colors were used.

The colors of the flowers slowly blend following the color wheel, and his shirt blends right in.

                                                     Chromatic Gradation

                                             Monochromatic color scheme

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