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Monday, February 20, 2012

Pupu party

We are trying to enjoy every second that is left, but the conversation keeps turning to "when we leave" need to pack, doing laundry, it's on our minds, but in between, we've been doing it hard!

We went to Kapalua bay for another snorkel.  Got #1 out there again, but he seemed to have some anxiety today. Not sure what was going on, but he did it.  We put baby boy on the window board, and it was amazing! He kept putting his head up and saying, "fish" yes, there were fish, plenty of them.  Just happy the mama didn't have a heart attack while we took her baby out in the ocean.  Little one is fearless. No doubt he will give his folks a run for their money!

Our condos do a pupu party every Monday evening at sunset. We missed last Monday's, and knew we needed to go to the one tonight. Such nice people. Truly a delightful evening.  Many of the folks are owners, and they loved our littles. Not sure they get many young kids around, and they were mesmerized by baby boy and his antics!

We are playing board games, and just relaxing.  Tomorrow the daughter turns the big 30.  We will do breakfast and then whatever else she thinks will make the day special.

These cookies were made by a Dr. for her kids who had severe allergies.  They were absolutely delicious!

The boy is SUCH a reader!

The boy had to get all his treasures from the sea out, and organize them.  It just keeps getting better and better.

So many butterflies. Flitting in and out.
#1 got to help light the tiki torches tonight.

All the February birthday girls. Two cakes and more than enough to go around

We visited with this lovely lady by the ocean. She's lived in these condo's for 18 years, and before that was an Oregonian.  Her husband was a Beaver, so we were fast friends.  When the son-in-law saw her at the pupu party, he remarked that she was the prettiest older woman he'd ever seen.  I shared that with her, and she hugged me beaming, saying, "That is so nice, I don't hear that any more. I guess I'll never tire of hearing it"  Then she shared her age. 90 years old.  Unreal. What the photo doesn't show is her incredible eyes. The most beautiful blue.

Baby boy charming folks with his dance moves.

We sat for hours staring at the ocean. Watching whales blow, and jump and slap tails. The waves roll in with turtles in the middle of the waves.  I think I will never tire of looking at the wonders of the sea. Above and below it is so amazing.


Chic Homeschool Mama said...

What fun! I would be fast friends with that one woman too. The idea of living in a place like that is so exciting- I bet she has some amazing stories.

Melanie said...

So sweet how one nice compliment can make someones whole day! She is the most beautiful lady! She makes 90 look REAL good!

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