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Monday, August 29, 2011

I heart faces "white"

This week's photo challenge is "white"  My favorite white shot to date is the recent wedding of my son and daughter-in-law.

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{A Photo} Challenge
I'm also putting this in for the first time in "A photo challenge"
This week is to post a photo of someone you love. That would be the above bride.  For the time she was engaged to my son, I referred to her as my "darling in law" and now I'm proud to call her my daughter-in-law.  We share a bond that we both love my son, and that's a pretty wonderful thing! She's beautiful, smart, and kind.  I also love this photo, because the little flower girl was so in awe of the bride all day long, and just couldn't get enough of her. 

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The Sunday hunt was completed by Sunday but being a busy busy day, it's being posted today.  My shots are below

Old & New
The oldest member of our family, my 94 year old father-in-law, with the youngest member of our family 11 month old grandson


This cheesy smile brought to you after a run through the splash pad with his cheeseburger!

A beautiful sunny day at the splashpad


                                                                       Night shot
An evening on the patio with friends visiting from out of state.  Wine, friends, and a warm summer evening.  Just perfect.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two years of sweetness

I love parties, I love birthdays, weddings, and all the come together, let's celebrate moments that life brings our way.

Last night was one of those moments.  Our little cowboy Rowdy turned two years old. It's hard to believe that two years has gone by. It seems like the blink of an eye, and he's now two.  Never a sweeter boy, and so fun to see families come together, eat, drink, and love on each other.  Littles making much noise, water to cool us from the heat, and food to fuel our bodies.

Here are just a few of the moments from a fun filled circus party with the ringmaster Rowdy!

This was the location of the party. Keizer gazebo and splashpad

birthday boy eating double fisted

jumpy castle to add to the fun

Lance kept the BBQ fired up and burgers and corn dogs were the circus fare

He love everyone singing to him and gave us a round of applause to show his gratitude

baby boy never misses a moment to get in on clapping

so many presents, and he loved each one

such fun party favors for the little ones that attended

This is the weekend for celebrating.  A wedding reception today, and another special birthday tomorrow.  Hope I can keep up!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dog days of summer

After feeling like fall is just around the corner, the heat came, and it's here. High 80's and watching #1 at soccer camp, my feet were cooking.  The kids with their sweaty hair and pink cheeks seemed none the worse for wear.

Having college age soccer players as coaches is a fabulous experience for #1.  He thrives on their compliments and is having some serious bromances with the "big guys"

I'm loving his long curly hair. The sweatier he gets, the more the hair curls.  He looks like a southern Cali surfer boy, and his hair just keeps getting blonder and blonder.  I need to enjoy it for I've been told that a haircut has been scheduled for his before school.  Hoping it's not too short, but hey, he's cute enough to rock whatever hair he has!

These two are buddies. They are total goof balls when they are together, but their imaginations are their bond...

celebrating his goal against the coach.

 After soccer it was off to the splash park for a picnic and some water fun.  The weather was perfect and all it takes is water and kids, and it's instant fun.

Baby boy was loving the water.  He wants to be just like the big boys

After an hour, it was time to pull off the wet clothes, robe up and head for home.  Sunshine and water makes for tired kids, and that my friends is a good thing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I heart faces "pets"

This week's photo challenge is pets.  The "girls" as I refer to them, are the only furry folks at our house. I wanted a shot of them together since they are both rescue cats obtained on the same day.  Cats are funny. They do what they want, which is part of their charm, so I had to choose between the two.  Both are beautiful in different ways, but Ting and her blue eyes persuaded me.

A snowshoe Siamese that is so friendly, and best of all quiet. Unusual for this breed, but I think it's the only thing that saves her, as she can be quite mischievous.

Summer is slowly leaving

It just doesn't seem possible that our short summer is slowly slipping away. The sun has barely been out, and now I'm seeing signs of fall.  Starting to see golds, and browns, which tell me autumn is just around the corner. Talk of back to school makes me sad. I'm not ready for school, and dark mornings, and all that goes with it.

 Our family garden is growing, but as of yesterday there are only three orange tomatoes. Maybe we'll eat fresh tomatoes before the first frost, but I still wonder.  Lettuce, green beans, and kale have found their way to our dinner table, but I'm waiting for those sweet heirloom tomatoes that can't be found in any store.  Hoping the sun can hold out a few weeks longer.

Swim lessons have given way to soccer camp, the passing of the baton has happened.  #1 has gained so much confidence in the water, if only there were a few more weeks, he might really be swimming.  Turning his head to the side and taking a breath were just beginning, so I know it's just a matter of time before he's a full fledged guppy swimming round and round.

This past weekend was our neighborhood's yearly garage sale.  It's a big time operation with police, and fire dept. helping out with the congestion, and barrels set up to collect can goods for the needy. If you plan on leaving or coming in on that Saturday, you need an extra helping of patience due to the congestion of cars and bikes, and pedestrians.

I told my friend in Vienna that I would take photos of the sale to show him how crazy it was.  Problem was, I was so busy, that I didn't remember until my yard was all cleaned, and the neighbors were boxing things up to be given to charity.

My house was given to the Keizer Park's Foundation. We started setting up on Friday at 1:30. Tables were set, things unloaded, items priced, and arranged.  By 4:30 we declared that we deserved a break.  Moving to the patio, cool breeze blowing, I brought out a bottle of wine. Surely one bottle of wine between six people couldn't land us in too much trouble? Well, as things often go, one bottle led to another, and that to another, and people were coming and going, neighbors stopping by, pizza's were brought in, and by the time 10:30 rolled around, I knew I'd had it!

The next morning was a little foggy for the committee, but we managed to get things ready to sell, had a steady stream of customers, and managed to raise over $500 for the parks.

Our friends were next door raising money to bring Rush home (see link at top right hand corner of blog) and they had the mother of all sales.  The amount of goods that were donated was mind blowing. I worked my way over at 6 AM to see if they needed help, and did so until 7 when my people arrived. Then at the end of the sale, I went over to help them box up what was left.  The really nice part of the sale is that St. Vincent de Paul had a large truck driving the streets and collected all unsold items for charity.  Sure was better than having to haul it all away.

It's usually fun to walk the sale and see what people are getting rid of.  I've never had a sale at my house before, and I must admit, once all the stuff is priced, sorted, put on tables, it's not nearly as much fun to go out and visit others.  I did make a short walk, but the mood just wasn't as festive as in years past. 

This is what was left at the end of the day. The clothes were put in large bags, and everything was quickly loaded on the big truck.

Rowdy entertained himself at the end with a balloon bouquet and enjoying the "man in the mirror" He should be proud that so much money was raised to bring him a sister.

Today to enjoy what's left of summer, Rowdy and I and a girlfriend took a walk around Staats Lake. It was fun in the little car that is on loan to me. Rowdy had fun driving, and pointing at the ducks on the lake. 

We need to make hay while the sun shines, for it won't be long and the rain will return, and we will have to find entertainment indoors again.

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