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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Part way to Hana

OK, another road trip. this one with more belly aching, and not by who you would think. Baby boy took a nap, #1 was happy with the iPhone, it was the parental units who were getting car sick!!!  Go figure.  It is a road with lots of twists and turns, and you really can't go very fast, it took about two hours, and all agreed once we arrived that it was worth it. Such a beautiful destination.  This area was wiped out by a tsunami in 1946.  Everything was taken except for the church. It was built in the 1800's, and has such an old Hawaii charm about it.  The black lava rock, and the white waves with bits of ice blue,  crashing against the rocks, is truly breath taking.


I can just imagine the people of the 1800's attending church here. Things are pretty much the same humble furnishings. There is a small cemetery outside, some of the tombstones have no writing, the wind and water have erased their marks over the years. Men, women, and children laid to rest by loved ones.

Yes, I admit, I was getting a little antsy on the ride. Taking my own shot here.

I love the big trees with the orange flowers. They were blooming in November, and still blooming now...so pretty.

Watching the wind surfers on this side of the island was great fun.  They really do whip around

We had a great time shopping.  The small town of Paia has some very cute shops. This one had a vintage consignment shop in the back. Lucy scored big. A Kate Spade jacket! Too cute and great price.

We had lunch.  A perfectly cooked mahi mahi sandwich. Ohhh how I love the fish here!

#1 practicing his photography with Tutu's camera.  I think he'll be a photographer one day.  That would make me very happy.
Here's another one of his shots
Blowing the conch shell at sunset. The first night we've taken our shell down.

#1 looking for shells as the sun goes down.  The beach in front of our place has been a wonderland for kids. What am I saying? It's been fabulous for me too!

Another night where the sky seems to be filled with fire!. It's so amazing to see the ocean turn all the colors of the sky.  Truly spectacular.


Melanie said...

AMAZING. LOVE the last 3 shots so much!

R and R's Grandparents said...

LOVE the last sunset shot...needs to be on canvas I think!

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