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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Place

The family trip minus son and daughter-in-law(who is home in the last month of her pregnancy) is in full swing.  We took off from PDX yesterday morning at 10 am.  Due to high winds it took six hours and 10 minutes to get there. Ugh.  Not only were the two grandsons on board, but it almost felt like a Disney cruise with all the little's on board!  Kids did great, was so relieved to finally arrive.  Gathered our luggage, did a Costco run, and started the hour trek to the rented condo. 

We arrived to the condo during a monsoon. I've NEVER seen it rain so hard in Hawaii.  Running just a few steps from the car to the condo office, my hair was dripping and stuck to my head as if I'd gone swimming.  The office was closed, and we were told the key would be under the mat if office was closed. I went up to our unit on the third floor, and alas, no key.  I phoned, and learned that our reservation was for the 8th, not the 7th! YIKES...that's a first for me. 

Thank God, the unit was empty and had been cleaned, or I don't know what we would have done!  First hurdle cleared.  We unloaded ALL of the groceries, and inspected our unit.  We were most pleased with what we found.  It had recently been refurbished, very modern kitchen.  It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to turn the oven on...Ha!

We ate, ran blenders, and played games until our eyes felt weary.  Slept great with the sound of the waves crashing against the wall.  We slept with the door open all night, and it was what I believe heaven must be like. 

Here are a few photos...silly me, we went for a walk, and in the confusion of getting everyone ready to go, forgetting sunglasses, etc. etc. I walked off without my camera.  You'll have to trust me, that the boys had fun at the park and baby boy had his first getting into the ocean experience.  He loved it!
Baby boy was mesmerized watching the planes while we waited to board.

#1 is a pro traveler. He reads, watches movies, and is just wonderful to travel with.

Pretty hazy on the airport side of the island, but ohhhh how I love these trees.

Didn't have the correct lens on to truly capture this.  It's so much of a where's Waldo. Kids in the middle packed around all the boxes, and Lucy and Chris in the back with tons of food around them too.

On my way to the  pool.  It didn't take long, before the rest of the guests were doing the same thing.

Santa put a travel high chair in baby boy's stocking. GREAT invention! We strap him into the chair, and it packs so nicely. Great invention.

Boppy helping #1 with baseball throwing and catching. So sweet to watch.

Heaven, I tell you, plain and simple, heaven!

It's taken several hours to put this post up.  Kids in the house will do that to you!  Got to skype with Rowdy's mama tonight. All the way from Easten Europe. So good to see her, and her smile was beaming from ear to ear. She met her future daughter ( the one who's button is on the side of my blog)  She's in love, and can't wait to bring little girl home!

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Angie said...

Those are some great trees, yes! And heaven is right. How lovely is that beach???! WOW!

Have a WONDERFUL time! :)

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