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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

So Halloween is in the air, children are excited, little goblins, and such will walk the streets.Excitement will be in the air, as this is a fun time for little ones. I'm getting into the swing of it by dressing up to accompany my friend to chemo. Round two, and we will take the place by storm! I will place a diamond (faux of course) on her head, and I will be a leopard protecting the queen as she takes her seat in the room with matching chairs. I will bring happiness and laughter into this somber place, I must.

On Monday we had the kids and their kids over to carve pumpkins and have dinner. It was wild, it was loud, and I think we survived!  Not too many carvers this year, but it was a time of togetherness, crazy family stuff that hopefully will be good memories.

I love to take photos, and I try hard to take nice well composed shots, but at times like pumpkin carving in the garage with one light bulb, it was more important to get the people in a shot rather than look for beautiful photography...so, these are not photos I'm particularly proud of, they do show family and will remind us of fun times.

 So while preparing, I bought these cute gel Halloween decorations that I put on the door low enough for the Little's to see. Started out the cats got them down, then the kids took them down, so I'm the only one who really enjoyed them!

You can see how only 50% of this team was into doing a pumpkin.

 Rowdy and his mama were diligent with working on their pumpkin.

Daughter in law worked hard at getting the top off of the 44 lb pumpkin. We had such a cute idea for a photo..The bobber hanging on her forehead is used so the hubs knows where to stop the car! Nice touch, don't you think?

Little guy didn't have the patience or interest in carving a pumpkin. He was more interested in the light up skull. I think the broom and mop handles hanging behind him could be used in what not to do when taking photographs!
 And here was our great idea gone bad. Torture is the only way to describe this. Not quite the Anne Geddes moment we were hoping for. Flash, shadows, oh let me count the ways this is not a good shot.
Hoping everyone has a safe night tonight..watch out for the goblins on the streets!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone.  What a week. Some happy times, some sad times. That's life. The SF Giants continue to win, which makes us very happy and excited. The boys of October are putting on quite a show. Our Oregon State Beavers lost their first game yesterday. Guess you can't win forever!

This week's hunt is:


Linfield college, watched the Godson's team play. His girlfriend wearing the team logo the Wildcat
The rains are here, and with the rain, comes sparkling waterdrops on leaves
Isn't this an interesting tree trunk??
Little guy had so much fun jumping in the puddles. He was wet, dirty and cold when we were finished.
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Finally seeing Red!

Yesterday was the last nice day for the extended forecast. I thought it would be like a last chance summer dance to go out in search of red foliage.

We don't get the brilliant colors like the east coast, but I did manage to find some color.

 The magnolia seed pods were red on one side of the house, and brown on the other. Not sure why, but found them to be very interesting.
 The berries are out on this plant, although it reminds me more of Christmas than fall.
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick appetizer

Last week we visited friends in their new home. We were the first dinner guests. I was amazed at how quickly they were settled, and was WOWed by the appetizer she put out.

1 package crescent rolls
1 pound gouda cheese
dijon mustard
egg white
2 apples or 3 ripe pears
On a greased baking pan, spread 1/2 crescent rollsout to make a square. Break up Gouda cheese in chunks and spread on top of rolls.  Spread Dijon mustard on top of cheese. Cover with the remaining half of crescent rolls, sealing edges. Form a circle and spread egg white on top.
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes or until golden brown on top
Can be served with cut up apple slices or pears, or both! Bon appetite!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

We are such happy campers over here! Our college team, the Oregon State Beavers have started out with a 6-0 start, the best since 1907!

Then, to make things even sweeter, our favorite baseball team, the San Francisco Giants did the unthinkable, and won four in a row to go to the world series! Hoping they have some gas left for tonight's game. Oh how I love my boys of October!

We managed to get the entire family together for the game. No small feat with everyone's busy schedules. First Beaver football game for son-in-law, youngest grandson, and granddaughter. The rain let up long enough for us to tailgate, and get what will most likely be our Christmas card photo.
We were tickled to see our friend Peggy being honored before the game. She beat breast cancer. Seven years, and going strong!

So tonight, we will all be ready to cheer for the Giants. Today I go with a dear friend to her first chemo appointment. She's scared, I'm sad, but going to try to put on my happiest face, and distract her as much as possible, and help her fight this ugly battle.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Oh my, I keep getting later and later with my hunt. Came up with the last of the prompts last night at our Oregon State game.

We were fortunate enough to receive tickets from a friend to sit in the club level. All but the hubs. LOL. He sat in our regular season seats, which I love, but not when it's raining.  And rain it did! The second half of the game was constant rain, and we sat high and dry.
                                                                 Orange or pink
 How about both? The sunrise one foggy morning.
Look how cozy #1 looks in his blanket hoodie! Little guy was snug as a bug as well and woke up this morning asking about the Big football helmet!
                                                              View from the top
 Here was our view last night. Look closely. The hubs is on the 50 yard line, nine rows up, and 5 seats in.  See him???
                                        Faceless Portrait
Walking in the leaves.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Favorite

So I had a problem with my camera. Out of the blue while in New Mexico, the back panel says, "camera can not communicate with battery" Strange. I clicked OK and the camera still worked. What I couldn't see was the battery life on the panel.

I did a google search, saw that others had experienced this problem as well, searching for an answer, I saw everything from, put the camera in the freezer for six minutes, to send it back to Canon. I made a trip to the camera store. They tried fully charged batteries, battery packs, and still that error message continued.

I phoned Canon yesterday. They informed me they had heard of this problem, I needed to ship my camera back to them. I couldn't think of a time when I could go without my camera for that long. Halloween is coming, football games, and a joint birthday party. I decided there was never a time to be without my camera.

I bought a new battery so that when the current battery went dead, I wouldn't be left out in the cold like I was when shooting the Little Guy.  I brought it home last night, charged it up, and PRESTO! The back panel is back to the way it's supposed to be! Guess the old battery was wearing out. If only someone had told me that!!

Long story, I know, but here are a few shots of little guy before the battery went dead.


The rain has started again. It's forecast is for as far as we can see. This may be the last day of crisp leaves. Next time we'll get the boots, coat, and umbrella and go puddle jumping!

Give a boy a stick, and he's got built in fun! If the battery had held up, I think we could have really gotten some shots!
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