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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Edit challenge

Edit Me



One of my goals is to be able to take photos, and edit them to make them more attractive. I'm a super novice, keep saying I'm going to take a class and really figure out what I'm doing, but alas, life is busy and it hasn't happened yet.

OK, my editing skills are shakey at best.

I took the photo, lightened it, then evened out the skin tones, smoothing and making them look baby soft. I made the eyes blue ( I think they were really a shade of green) brightened the eyes, and added a little color to the lips.

I really wanted to put in some sky, but I couldn't figure out how.  I finally went to Adobe Photoshop elements, and started playing around...I tried cutting, I tried paint bucket, nothing worked, then I saw the presets for crayon, colored pencil, etc.  I hate to admit this, but I clicked on something, no idea what, and it looked like an old fashioned oil painting.  I had no more time to invest in this, but saved it and here it is. The eyes ended up too blue, somewhere along the line this changed and I couldn't figure out how to undo it..
Lame?  Yes, I know, I want to learn, and hopefully I will.

Leap Year Yikes!

This was the day that I thought how fun it would be for "Bun" to be born. I'm glad that Eden decided two days earlier, as we've gotten to enjoy her for two more days rather than wait for today.

Last night was a rush of guests to meet the newest Princess. Such fun.  They men I affectionately call the "Kafir Kids" were there.  These are the guys that grew up on our street.  One lived next door, and is one month and three days younger than my son, and the other lived across the street and is three and a half months younger.  As babies, toddler, young men, they have kept their bond. It's amazing to me. Knowing them for so long, it makes me proud to see the fine men they've grown into.  Not surprising when you look at their families. It all starts at home, for sure.

Add caption
These guys have had so many trio photos taken during all the momentous occasions.  Like graduating to underwear from diapers, and sporting their "underoos"
High school graduation, which sadly I can't put my fingers on that shot.

Two of the three are married, the other in a serious relationship.  They have been together at each other's weddings,

Here they are, in the same order as the little boy photo. We can never remember who was where, so we take multiple shots to ensure we get it right.

Last night, one of them appeared to see the new baby, and then the other one showed up with a bag of Dave's famous BBQ.  Lots of drippy BBQ sauce, lots of laughter, and lots of brotherly love.  No one had the patience to switch up the order for the photo.  We didn't get it right, but the important thing is, we did get it.

Pretty close, just needed to put guy on right in the middle, and swap with daddy in the middle, and put him to the right...ahhh Love these guys, and the men they have become. Such truly great examples of how men should be.

Now we wait and see what the next celebration will be. An engagement? Birth of another baby? Doesn't matter, for we will always celebrate all the good that happens with these three.  Friends since utero, and friends still today.

Got to shop for the princess yesterday. So fun! Got to finally hold her, AMAZING! Her tiny features, and so much love for her all ready. She will grow, and prosper, for as in all kids, it takes a village, and trust me, the village has shown up to see her.

This is what having a girl is all about. The cuteness. Over the top, scream in your face adorable. Outfit courtesy of Auntie

Daddy went shopping for her going home from the hospital outfit.  Words can't say how cute and sweet I think this is.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A star is born

Quick post. My heart has stretched to new boundaries. I have a new love in my life and it's in the form of a 6#10oz 19 inch baby girl.  She arrived earlier than her March 5th due date, but she is perfect. Perfect in every way.
My son was all smiles, and the daughter-in-law took to mothering like a duck to water. She's a natural. I was honored to be asked to sit with her during labor. I wasn't expecting that. Very special time.  We all left for the delivery, and were chomping at the bit to get in and see her after we heard the news. 

It was late, it was mother child bonding time. We didn't stay long. I get to go back in a bit and hope to have better photos to share. 

May I present Eden Anallyse

Mama ready to go

Last minute chat

Auntie can hardly contain herself!

First look when he finally came out to tell us we could come back and meet the new doll in town.

showing her a gift from Auntie. Small amethyst ring and pearl earrings. Gifted by my mother to my daughter, and now going on to the next generation.


These feet were made for Nike's

Three generations of beautiful women

Monday, February 27, 2012

Project 366 rewind 2-27 Love

Chic Homeschool Mama

I don't know how they do it, but each week's theme works beautifully with my week! This has been a week filled with love in so many ways. My favorite things, Hawaii, daughter's birthday, a new child born.  Here it is, a peek at my week past

Today we stayed close to our condo. Took a trip to Kapalua Bay. #1 got his last snorkel in, and baby boy was a champ with the window board. He had his face glued, so amazed at all the fish below. I love sharing the ocean with my loved ones.

TUESDAY. My little girl turned 30 years old! My oh my where has the time gone? Special breakfast out, seeing whales, spinner dolphins and lots of turtles. Time in town, one final push before our vacation is over. Love this woman, and the wife and mother she has become.
WEDNESDAY Sadly, today we head for home. Both little boys were good travelers. Baby boy slept most of the way.

THURSDAY At least the sun was out today. Made the transition of being home a little easier. A look around the yard, and new things are popping up which gives me hope that spring is around the corner.  I love tulips and hyacinths, and anxiously await their blooms.
FRIDAY Our sweet mail person phoned to say there was a substitute yesterday, and she would be delievering our mail. Always amazing how much mail can accumulate in two weeks.

SATURDAY  Back to back first and second grade basketball games. After a two week break, #1 made a basket, and was feeling so proud to be back with his team. Then I hurried across town to take photos of a friend's son's basketball game. I love watching this age work together. They play hard, and have so much fun. I really love watching sporting events.

SUNDAY I got to go visit a new baby. Only two days old, and such a handsome lad. He joins a two year old sister, and I was thrilled to get to take photos of him and his family. 9.7oz and perfect in every way. I love babies, and am so excited for the new addition to our family, hopefully within the week

Well, that's last week, now it's time to get busy to prepare for the week ahead. Thanks for stopping by!

Favorite photo from February:  Fire in the sky! This night took my breath away. We all stood in awe looking at the magnificent sky. No words needed. Truly a sight to behold.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scavenger Hunt 2-26


Adjusting to being home after a glorious two week break in Hawaii.  Yesterday we had snow mixed with rain, and it seems so cold in contrast!
This week's hunt is: Crossed, A glimpse, Handwritten, Bliss, and Gray
This is from the archives, but it seems appropriate.  We are on countdown for grand baby #3. Won't be long now. My son and his wife's first child, such a joyous time!
Jet streams that crossed


The ocean is my bliss.

A glimpse of a rainbow. Hard to see in this photo, but it flattened out and was on the top of the ocean


I thought about doing the gray sky with rain clouds, etc. but Gray cat is much cuter. Caught her sitting in the mail tub after our mail was delivered when we returned from vacation.

That's my hunt for this week. Hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Home is where the heart is

As I've mentioned before, Hawaii is my happy place.  That doesn't mean that I'm unhappy the rest of the year, it's just Hawaii holds a special place in my heart. The air, the ocean, the flowers, and the sea life, are a means for my battery to recharge. I try to savor each moment I'm there. I take hundreds of photos, and visit the photos many times.

Then we come home. I see all that we have, the beauty of the area in which we live, and I'm happy. Home is where we are, home is where my heart is.

Leaving Hawaii was hard, none of wanted to go, but as they say, "All good things must come to an end"
Aloha, Hawaii...Aloha, hello, Aloha, goodbye, Aloha, love. What a perfect word.

Another hurry up and wait at the airport

He couldn't part with the sunglasses, even after we got on the plane

He slept most of the way home.  Hawaii wore him out.

Soon tulips will be in the yard. One of my favorite flowers, and a sign of spring

Hyacinths push their way up to bring a sweet aroma to the patio

The new shoots coming up are a reminder of new life, new spring, and soon, very soon a new grand baby. So exciting, and glad to be home.

Sunset of my dreams

So hard to choose. After two weeks in Maui, I have hundreds of photos, but there was one night that really stood out...here is my favorite sunset.

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