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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The last day in Hawaii

Oh parting is so bittersweet......Today our youngest daughter turned 30. We had a plan to go to one of our favorite breakfast spots. It's called the Gazebo, and it  sits out on the Napili point. The view is breathtaking. Black lava rock, white waves, and fluffy clouds. People line up for the pancakes that this small open air gazebo serve.  We arrived at 7 am, and were about ten back in line.

The whales were ready to entertain us, and we saw several breaches, and so many spouts. Guess they were just waking up as we were sipping the coffee that the Gazebo puts out to ease your wait.

We were in line with some lovely folks from Texas. Turns out her name is Tutu, too. She offered to take a family shot, and visiting with them made the time fly by.

Breakfast did not disappoint. Hubs and I had the benedict. Daughter did the pancakes and was unable to finish them. Son-in-law tried the breakfast burrito, #1 had Mickey Mouse pancakes, and baby boy ate whatever was put in front of him! I think we all savored the scrumptious treats.

The gazebo went all out for the birthday, and gave Lucy a singing menu, and when her pancakes arrived, there was a party hat candle, and a whirligig. So festive! A box of orchids named Lucy's orchids were pointed out and it was the perfect start to our day.

ringing the bell when you spot a whale kept #1 busy and happy

While we were inside dining, there was a cloud burst. Poor people waiting in line. Umbrellas were given out, and it didn't last long. The sun reappeared and when we were finished eating had a pleasant stroll back to the car.

pink sky and below was whale soup!

Yes, we are that family!  Ha ha...she was so surprised when she came downstairs to find us all in matching tshirts.  It was fun.

A perfect last day. Sunshine, whales breaching, turtles, rainbows, and spinner dolphins. I don't think we could have asked for anything more.

Beverages at a place Lucy wanted us to try. Quite tasty.

Pupu's at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Marking things off the list. This was the son-in-law's first trip to Maui.

The boys having beers.  #1's was rootbeer of course.  :-)  Everyone else was off shopping Front Street

Why he waited until the last night to boogie board, I'm not sure, but he was good, and it was fun!

This was a wonderful family trip. Missing son and daughter-in-law, maybe next trip we'll all be together.  There will be a new baby coming in the next two weeks....that's a good reason to head home.

Goodbye whales, goodbye ocean, goodbye sunsets,...hello new grandbaby...I think it's a slam dunk, going home. Yes, home, sweet home.

Baby boy had fun with a puddle

Last night to blow the shell

Our final Hawaiian sunset. This will have to hold me, until the next one.

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Melanie said...

Happy Late Birthday to Lucy! She is a gorgeous girl. Those shirts are the sweetest. Awww... last day in paradise. Dose that mean you are back home now?

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