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Monday, July 30, 2012

Week in rewind week #30

This has been such a fun week! Art Fair, high school reunion, son, daughter-in-law, and baby girl returning home after three weeks in Europe. The weather has been glorious!

 Went shopping with the little guy and his mom. New shoes for both boys, a couple of shirts, and hat. He was wild, but it was fun.
 Swung by the high school to take some shots of the kids camp. I love all the enthusiasm being shown for the new coach and the hope of unity among the community.
 Got little guy to sit still for 30 seconds and got him in his new shirt and hat
 These two have quite the life. Stretching, sleeping, eating...oh to have the life of a cat.
 High school reunion at the local ball park. Home team won, and there was a wonderful fireworks show after the game.
 Reconnecting with my sweet friend who came from Illinois. We were brownie scouts, girl scouts, and friends all through high school. It was so fun to sit and laugh and retell stories from our youth.
Baby girl has grown so much in three weeks! Five months old now, and still such a cutie!

Favorite shot from July


Tamar SB said...

Great week! Love the fireworks, I haven't seen enough of those this summer!

Melanie said...

Now this was a great week! Little girly has grown SO much. She really does have the sweetest little face. STUNNING July favorite. Your girlfriend from high school has an amazing amazing smile, & you snapped at just the right time! OMGoodness. Little man in his new shirt, AND THAT HAT... love! I would pay Jax if he would keep a hat on for pics, no luck!

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

What a full week! I adore that photo of your girlfriend. Where would we be without great friends? And those sweet babies, so adorable!! Your July fave is a beauty too. Great shots!

Danelle said...

Looks like a busy, fun-filled week!

Leovi said...

Excellent portrait, very good. A sweet face. Greetings.

Chelsea said...

Love that shot of baby girl! Such a sweet face! Three weeks in Europe with a five month old? Wow! Brave parents! Looks like a good week for you!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

You have the cutest little ones to capture. I can't believe how big little missy has gotten.

Kim Cunningham said...

Love the cabby hat image! So cute.

Sarah Halstead said...

Great photos. Love the last two.

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