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Monday, July 2, 2012

Best of week...the works...celebrating independence

I'm joining the lovelies over at finagle a foto to show the best of my week.  It was a fast a furious week, many miles put on the car, back and forth to Eugene.  Nothing ever makes me feel as patriotic as the Olympics. When an athlete stands on the podium and our National anthem is played, is gives me such a sense of pride. We are so lucky to live in the USA and have the freedoms that we do.

Stars and stripes flying next to our state flag on a rare sunny day!
These three are going to London in the 200mm. I was dumb struck with the speed they displayed!
1500 mm. I couldn't run half this fast one time around the track! These ladies stayed pretty tight until the end. the #9 won the race

Just to give you an idea of how close these races are. Look at those first four! All photos were taken while standing with the crowd, holding a sleeping baby in my left arm and attempting to capture a few highlights! 

After the last race, it became party central. The band was playing, and some of the London bound athletes came out and spoke and signed autographs. Very fun atmosphere.

My favorite shot from the week. I love the way the droplets pop, and the words blend in. 
happy jax


Marilyn said...

AMAZING photo's.. I LOVE watching races, this is FAB.. LOVE the flag shot..Thanks SO much for linking to Finagle a Foto this week. Wishing you a beautiful evening.. xo.. Marilyn (co-host)

Tamar SB said...

These are so great!! You were our personal guide to the trials!

Cropped Stories said...

Great post! Fun pics too! Look at the muscle in those runner's legs (it's crazy)! Love that last shot of the flower with the water droplets! You captured it beautifully! Love the texture you used too!

Tito Eric said...

Great sports photos. What a festive event!

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