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Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly rewind organizing

Chic Homeschool Mama

I'm not sure that my week falls under organizing, but I have photos from a week that was mostly rain. We did get one day of sunshine, and at this moment it's not raining. I'm off to the dentist again to replace a filling.


The sun made a rare appearance and I went to the local nursery to brighten my porch. While there I picked up some pansies for my daughter to make her porch a little brighter. Having the front pots planted makes me anxious for the nice weather when we can put flowers all around the yard.
Pouring down rain, I stood on the porch and took photos of flowers in the pot.

      Baby boy is 19 months old. This was the most hysterical time trying to take photos of him. He won't hold still for 30 seconds, doesn't look at me when I call his name. He's a little early on the terrible two's. Starting to put two and three words together. It melts your heart.  My personal fave is "Please, my Tutu"                                                                

                                               Any time baby girl swings by, I try to snap a shot of her.  Five weeks old today! It's gone so fast, and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter.                             

                                     The philanthropic group I belong to does a photo fundraiser each year to raise money for needy children in our area. Backpacks, supplies, birthday parties for children in a homeless shelter, and we start young adults in their first independent living arrangement when they age out of state foster care. This year the photographer used my home, and it was a wild and buys day. Children's photographers work hard for their money!     I was her assistant, and helped organize the paying of the sitting fee, and keeping the kids in the photo area.    Baby girl stole the show in her ruffly tutu. My favorite was when we put her in the guitar case, and the boys were around her. Really hoping those pics turn out!                        


My daughter and I went to a cute children's hair shop. Lots to play with, lots of distractions, but baby boy didn't care. He screamed and carried on like we were electrocuting him! He got his haircut. Not the best in the west, but it's cleaned up.
After church, #1 and I dyed eggs.  The brown farm eggs turned the richest colors. Tonight we will have an egg hunt since the hubs and I will be gone next weekend.


So much fun to have some pink around. Baby girl cooperated well when we put her in various things to take her one month photo.


Jen T said...

Baby girl is gorgeous! That tutu is adorable! Love the dyed eggs. We have chickens and have brown eggs, and they do dye the best colors! Have a great week!

homeschoolceo said...

Beautiful photos this week! I love your flowers and those babies are priceless. That last one especially is gorgeous ;)

Kim Cunningham said...

What beautiful kiddos! I'm sure you do enjoy taking shots of them. Don't feel badly about baby boy not looking at the camera. My 10, 7, and 4 will hardly look either!

Lovely eggs! Can't wait to dye ours later this week!

Melanie said...

The fundraiser sounds like it was a huge hit! OMGosh, how cute do your grands look all spiffied up! SO CUTE.) Jaxy got his hair cut too this weekend, I HATE cutting all those sweet curls off, but it had to be done. OH baby girl in the suit case, pretty much the cutest thing ever! Hope you have a great weekend!

Tamar SB said...

What a wonderful charity project! The pics of the kiddos are precious, your littles granddaughter is getting big and is just as cute as a button!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

That one on Friday is so cute!!! Loving your eggs too!

Kara said...

Oh I just love the angle on the colored eggs!

Sarah Halstead said...

Love these! So great. That last one is adorable!

Michelle Renee said...

Awww...that last one is too cute!

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