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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The capital!

Isn't it amazing? When you think you can't take another minute of rain and wind, you look out the window, and there is a giant shining orb in the sky. Warmth streaming in through a window. The greens are the most vivid green, the flowers are gently swaying as if to say, "come out and look at me." Yesterday was a much needed break in our horrid wind/rain gray skies. We had a full day of sunshine. The kind of day that makes you want to take off your shoes and linger a little longer out doors. Unfortunately I didn't have the luxury of an entire day to goof off. I did steal a few minutes to go to our capital building and look around. This is Salem, OR, state capital. Beauty beyond beauty. I wasn't alone. Many were down walking around taking in the blooms and fountains. The gold man, a pioneer, on the very tip top was glistening in the sunlight. Children's laughter ringing through the air, and couples walking hand in hand. Oh glorious day. Now today the sky is gray, the widnows spotted with raindrops. I will sit and look at the photos from yesterday, yearning for another sunny day.

 then, she {snapped}

Happy Jax


Anonymous said...

The best part of Salem

Melanie said...

Holy moly! These are beyond gorgeous my friend. Can you believe I have never actually walked around down by the capital building? I've driven by a thousand times, & always think of stopping & doing just this. I am SO glad you took this time yesterday! The colors are delightful!

Hope your owie is healing lady!

Ooooo... maybe this should be one of our photo walk places?!! Hey, have you ever been to Willamette Valley Vineyards? I just realized this is a comment, not an email/novel. Byeee!

Rebecca said...

gorgeous pictures! i love the 2nd one from the bottom

Michelle Renee said...

A beautiful spring day. Thanks for sharing!

MommyG said...

OH THOSE TREES ARE TO DIE FOR!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE...it actually looks like spring in this picture...how could it change do much with one day?!

Amanda said...

Just beautiful! Those trees are amazing!!

amy said...

oh WOW that sunflare photo is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for linking up again to Photo Show Off! I hope I see you this week too!

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