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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Edit me challenge Butterfly

This week's edit me challenge is from Kristy at Life in Reflections

I havebeen having so much fun learning photoshop elements and practicing with textures. Without further ado, here is my edit.
                                                                 Original photo

                                                                             My edit
Edit Me
* cropped photo to 5x5
*Adjusted levels white 219 black 6 and mid .82
*Layer one was soft light
*Added Kim Klassen's life in reflections texture
*did multiply light
*flattened photo layers

And that's it.  Quite a learning curve, but it's fun, and hopefully the more I mess with photoshop elements, the more proficient I'll get.

Hit the above button and check out the other edits.


Melanie said...

LOVE your edit MG! The texture is just gorgeous, & brings the photo to life!

Anonymous said...

When I talked to you, I had'nt seen edit. Really liked it & thought it was a good job.

Laurie E. said...

This edit has so much mood to it. Lovely!

Mirka said...

Oh, what drama! Great edit, love it!

Seeing Each Day said...

Well done, I agree with you that processing like this is a challenge - one that I i haven't yet mastered in viewing this photo, you clearly have.

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