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Monday, April 9, 2012

Week in Rewind: Pranks

Not sure I did many pranks...maybe a few silly things with Easter eggs, but not too prankish this week.
Since we were going away for the weekend, we had the kids and grandkids over on Monday. A quick egg hunt, and a nice dinner. Family time is getting more and more challenging with everyone's schedules.  #1 pranked baby boy once he figured out that the silent eggs had dollar bills, and the rattley ones were coins or jelly beasn.
A lovely sunset that lingered over the house. Strange location for this as it's not really in the west. I loved the pink clouds with the pink magnolia tree.
This prank was on me, and the bee. I pulled down a limb to try to get a better shot of the magnolia bloom, and there was a bee RIP Mr. Bee.  too cold, too wet, not sure, but this is his final resting place.
The first rhodedendrom has bloomed. Oh how glorious these flowers are!
On our way to our weekend destination in the state of Washington. This bridge takes you from Oregon to Washington. Such a beautiful day. The huge clouds and blue skies, sunshine. It was shaping up to be a wonderful weekend.
Don't let this beautiful scene fool you. This was the biggest prank on me all weekend.These are the flats where the oysters are. Lovely to look at, but tricky to get through. The problem was, nobody told me about any dangers. I'm walking along a muddy path, camera in tow ready to take some photos, when suddenly my right leg disappears. Yup, sink hole, and right leg was down, up to mid thigh, I Kid you not! I'm wearing hip waders, and I couldn't get my foot free..Finally with a little help from my friends, I got out, a muddy mess, laughing hysterically.  We got our oysters, and they were deliscious. Easier to buy them, but hey, it's an experience.
Sweet baby girl was admitted to the children's hospital in Portland late Friday night. I was sick with worry, and as soon as I could I headed to the hospital on Sunday. I spent five hours with baby and mama, and felt better having seen them. So little, so sweet, and it's so hard to see them sick!  She got discharged this afternoon, so they will be home, and hopefully all will be well again.

That's my week at a glance. Thanks for stopping by..

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Anonymous said...

The one of the house is really good.Roady & bee is good too. Sounds like a great time in Wash. Hope all is well with Eden,scary.

Jen T said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I love the tree by your house. So sad to hear about baby girl, but glad she is home and doing better. It is so scary when they are that little! God bless!

Mary Dapelo said...

The Tuesday shot is great. I love the pink on pink too!

Angie said...

Portland! I lived there for 5 years not too long ago! I thought I recognized that bridge. ;)

So sorry to hear about Baby girl! I hope everything is OK now and she's doing better. Scary!

Rowdy is brilliant. A brilliant and lovely soul. I just love him.


Melanie said...

Gorgeous pic of Portland & the bridge! Hope sweet baby girl is on the mend. She is in our prayers! XO

packmom said...

Great photos this week. Love the house shot and all the amazing flowers.

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