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Thursday, April 26, 2012

This or that Thursday

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny, puffy cloud kind of day. We took this lovely spring weather to walk the monuments.  When I first heard we were coming to DC, I asked for two things. 1. Go into the White House 2. Take photos of the cherry blossoms.  Well, you'll see from my photos how much clout I carry!

This was as close to the white House as I got. Guess three month's notice isn't enough when it comes to National security, and this scary lady!

World War II memorial. So beautiful. Wreaths all around the pool with the names of the states that fought in the war. One end is the pacific ocean, the other the Atlantic.  So many elderly men wearing tshirts that showed they had served.

My father fought in WWII. He was in the Phillipines, Corregidor, and was in the Bataan Death march. A POW for 42 months. something I can't quite wrap my head around. Not much is taught about WWII, nor little mentioned about these atrocities that happened. Not PC. It happened, and at least there is this remembrance.

On to see the Lincoln memorial. One of my favorites. The clouds were sitting perfectly for Abe!

The Vietnam memorial. People take paper and etch the name of a loved one who died during the war. My brother was in Vietnam. Didn't die there, but was badly injured and was never the same because of the war. This was a somber time of reflection.

These three soldiers watch over the Vietnam memorial. All of their eyes are on the middle of the memorial. It's the names of the beginning of the war, and the end. All names were assembled by when they died. You could see the highest points were beginning and end.

The view from the top of Lincoln's monument. Looking down on the reflection pool that is under repair. It was leaking. Workers have been repairing it since Oct 2010. No end date in sight, or at least mentioned.

Korean Monument. This was new since my last visit to DC. Soldiers faces etched in the stone, giving it an eerie three d look. Soldiers life size out in the grass reflect back on the walls.

Another new monument since we were there. Martin Luther King.
Washington monument was busy looking at it's self in the water.
Roosevelt's monument

So much for cherry blossoms! Little teeny weeny cherries. I'm 0 for two!  No blossoms just means I must return again. Even though there weren't the blossoms, there was the most wonderful sweet fragrance as we walked. And walk we did! We walked ALL day long, Our traveling companions may be twenty+ our seniors, but they are the energizer bunnies! They just keep going.  Their knowledge of history makes it a joy to be with. I've learned so much.

This is my personal favorite of the monuments. Thomas Jefferson has the most impressive for me. I love everything about it! If you look between the pillars, you can see his silhooutte. Only cherry blossoms could have made this any better!


Deanna said...

Sorry you missed the cherry blossoms and your trip to the White House, but you did get some wonderful pics. That is such an inspirational place to visit.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. What a gorgeous day you had. Seriously fantastic. The Vietnam memorial makes me cry. Very, very sad. Wonderful picture.

...melody... said...

These are a fabulous set of pictures from your trip. Thanks for sharing! :)

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