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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happiness, and comfort...nice to find

Happiness, it's really what the world should be all about. Finding true happiness is an amazing feeling. It can come from things that can be taken for granted. Sunshine has been a major source of happiness for me lately. The gray drizzly days that went on and on until I wasn't sure I would survive have lifted. At least for now. There is bright brilliant sun, glistening flowers that show me that spring has arrived, and all the little animals are feeling spring fever as well. 

Health, good health is a reason for happiness. Baby girl seems to be on the mend. That makes me happy.

Baseball has started. That makes me ecstatic! I love the boys of summer, and I love my grandson that had his first game last night. Little boys in big boy uniforms. Hats that are slightly too big, watching them mimic things they've seen older players do, it all brings a smile to my face. I find comfort going out to the Little League Fields. Many hours were spent there over the years with two children who played ball from the time they were old enough to join a team. The trees, the fields, are all so much the same, only the players have changed. There's so much comfort in the familiar.

Little people playing in the grass and dirt. Finally they can get outside and smell the aromas of spring, dig in the dirt, and run free. All in the name of happiness.

When I discovered this link up, I thought How perfect! I need to focus on happiness. It's all around me, I just need to adjust my thinking from time to time. It's here, and hopefully it's there for you as well.

Yesterday was a Rowdy day. He bring such happiness into the world. His attitude towards life is spot on. We could all learn from Rowdy. Lately he's been terribly two. When I take his hand and try to guide him where I want to go, and he turns into "jelly legs" and melts into a puddle on the floor; it doesn't make me happy. When I look back on it, it really is quite hysterical and very typical behavior for a two year old. The more typical Rowdy is, the happier I am.

Even the ducks are saying "bottoms up" and celebrating spring and our lovely weather.

How we view things is a big part of how we are...it's nice to remember that things change. Like this...

Becomes this.

When looking at the grass, you see a sprinkling of blue, but when you get up close, you can truly appreciate the delicate beauty hiding in the blades of grass.

Sweet #7 with his cat like reflexes brought nothing but smiles as he played his first game. Oh how I love baseball season!

So, as I go out in the world today, I will be happy, and looking for happiness in unexpected places.

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Susan said...

Great shots! Love the one of the ducks in the water. Funny...

Hope you have a blessed day!

Jaymi said...

I LOVE those yellow flowers! What a fun place to shoot! Just wanted to let you know I have a photography link up on my blog today if you're interested!

Jessica said...

Great photos, what a cutie!! Love the duck butts...LOL

Henrietta Hassinen said...

Oh my Rowdy is so cute and the flowers are almost as tall as he is.

Susan said...

Cute little man! Love the flower photos too, beautiful!

Butterbean Row said...

That Rowdy is too cute. That is such a funny age.
I love your flower photos!


Melanie said...

Handsome little Rowdy just makes me smile! Lovely pics, especially love the ducky bums. Lol)


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