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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Wednesday so good to me

Wednesdays are now the day that I have one on one with the newest grandson. He's sweet as candy, and such a happy disposition. I love looking down on this brown eyed boy and his lucious eyelashes!

His favorite pastime is playing with the barn. He moves the levers, listens to the animal sounds, and just gets so excited!!

He pulls, and rocks it back and forth...

oooops, losing balance, but not letting go of his prized possession!

Timber! Man down!He goes down like a tree in the woods...never a peep out of him, I sit him back up, and the play continues, until he gets too rough, and pops himself in the face. UGH....hoping no lasting effect, but as a boy will learn, it's the first of many bumps and bruises to come!


SC said...

I love these pictures..you have a knack for natural light...beautiful baby teak ;)

MommyG said...

Awww...beautifully captured simple moments..I love it!

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