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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lazy days

It's finally feeling like vacation.  The most ambitious things being done are getting dressed to go eat.  Yesterday morning we thought it was a good day to try out the gazebo at the northern end of the island, in the town of Napili.  Normally this area is a little windier, and can have more rain, but yesterday it was sunny and blue skies, and the ocean was the most wonderful shades of green and blue. We stood in line for one hour and five minutes.  Sounds crazy, but seriously, even Mark who doesn't like pancakes said they were the best pancakes he's ever tasted!  Macadamia, banana, and pineapple pancakes with some whipped wonderfulness on top.  Add a little coconut syrup and it's the most mouth watering thing you've ever tasted.
Now Gary decided to go for a fried rice plate.  People from two tables over were jumping up to look at it.  One man said, "you need to send me a picture of that!"  Happy to report, he could only eat half  of it!  There was a gardenia hedge on the outside of the gazebo. Oh how I wish things like this were growing in my yard!
So while you're sitting and eating the most decadent breakfast you watch the waves, roll in on the black rocks and in the distance the whales put on shows for your dining pleasure.  Well worth the wait, and after all, we're on vacation, so there's no need to be in a hurry.

We followed up breakfast with a drive to a couple of the golf courses where Gary & Wayne were getting geared up as to which courses they will play with the wives.  Very pretty, but I prefer the beach. 

Which led us to Fleming Park, where the waves are a little bigger and you find boogie boarders and surfers.  Nothing like Oahu, but still entertaining.

Back to the house, time on the beach, time on the deck, more reading, a blender was whipped up (I'm becoming a legend with these blenders!) Patty napping in the hammock, walking at low tide and observing so many different fish, and of course waiting for our 3 o'clock whale show.  They are like clockwork, and visit us each day between  three and four o'clock.

By this time we are so relaxed and lazy we can't even muster up the energy to fix dinner, so we walk to a nearby restaurant called Mixed plate.  It's very inexpensive, even by Salem standards, so it's amazingly priced by Maui standards.  Food was fine, not fine dining, by any stretch of the imagination, but we didn't have to cook, and the walk there and back was pleasant.

Mark ordered garlic fries for our starter and they were tasty.  Seaweed, sesame seeds, and garlic. My drink was a Hawaiian angel. Coconut rum, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice.  My oh my it was angelic!
Didn't try Aunt Lucy's grilled cheese, but thought Goose would get a kick out of this, we were thinking of her.  Not an aunt yet, but someday hopefully.
Home in time for the sunset, still not the sunsets that we remember.  The sunrises are surpassing the sunsets thus far.
The house is starting to wake up, we are heading out for a snorkel adventure today..hope everyone at home is staying warm

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Baby G's Grandparents said...

Be sure to bring your mad blender skills back with you...I'll help you partake (as your accountability partner, of course!).

Looks like peace on earth...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, relax, relax, relax...

There's a big storm coming our way today--boo hoo. I wish I could smell the gardenias instead.

Love to all!


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