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Monday, February 21, 2011

Art fair and deck time

Sundays and Mondays are a time in Maui when the locals all gather above the post office for an art fair and craft sale.  The ladies finished breakfast and took one of the vehicles to check out the local vendors.  Crowds were moderate, prices were high, and we had a lovely two hours wandering in and out of booths.

Our favorite spot was the antique piano keys booth.  They take antique piano keys, strip them off old pianos, use a scrimshaw technique then artistically arrange them on a matted board and frame them.  Some of them were so beautiful!  We remembered looking at them a couple of years ago, and prices have gone up, just as everything else has gone up.  Mickey, the  lady that runs the booth and is the artistic arranger of the keys, shared with us a gift they are giving Elton John next weekend when he performs here in Maui.  It's called piano man.  Story has it back in the 70's when Elton was in town, he was sitting at an establishment on Front Street and told the people if there was a piano, he would play.  Some of the locals went and got a piano, rolled it down Front Street and bumped it up the stairs, and Elton performed for the lucky people that were present.

So, I'm wondering.  Where will Elton stay?  Probably not the Pioneer Inn where the sailors from long ago stayed when they returned from whale hunting trips.  Will I bump into him snorkeling?  I'll have to keep my eyes peeled and be on high alert.  Will his hair stay put in water?  These and many other questions will have to wait for an answer.

So far, the sunrises are more magnificent that the sunsets, but I swear the whales heard we joined the foundation and each afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00 they put on an amazing show for our pleasure. I have an amazing book that I'm finding it hard to read because we keep stopping to watch the whales..

Below are some shots of our day yesterday. Lazy days. Sunshine, clean air, birds, whales and ocean sounds. This is and always will be my happy place.  I feel so thankful to be able to be here.  Snorkeling right off our deck, and taking it all in..I'm definitely taking time to smell the coffee and plumeria.

Last night's sunset
Just beyond the breaker is where we swim out to snorkel. It's quite shallow, so we've been thrilled when the whales come this close.
Patti was really loving this one for Wayne's office
This one was so beautiful!
Here we are drooling over the piano keys

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