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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ahihi-Kinau refuge

This was our snorkel destination.  About an hour's drive south, quarter of a mile hike in on rocks, and we set up on the rocky edge, and proceeded to have one of the most amazing snorkels we can remember.  The coral, the different species of fish, and the sparkling sunshine streaming through the water, were most memorable. Mark stayed at home as he had a "project" to work on.
Hmmmm trying to get him to vacation is a challenge.

It was nice and warm, and Patti and I were the first to hit the water, we got so excited and were paddling our hearts out, pointing and stopping each other showing each other the different exciting things we saw underneath.  When we finally stopped to clear our masks and get our bearings, I said, "oh maybe we should get back closer to our people" and Patti said, "I don't think this is our planet, we've gone too far"  Giggling that we were halfway to Molokini, we started our way back weaving in and out of beautiful coral pathways.  Susie of course was on shore, noting that we'd once again gone too far!  Poor Susie, we tend to stress her out.

Please note below, that Gary and Wayne are walking on water.  The water was such a beautiful blue, if you forgot where you were, you would almost think you were in the Caribbean with such pretty shades of blue.
By round two of snorkeling, Susie got her sea legs and decided to join the group.  She has new equipment and found it to be quite the VIP treatment for snorkeling.  Some of us kept emptying our masks that were leaking, but she stayed nice and dry and enjoyed her first outing.
We were so close to Molokini!  This is a sunken crater where boats take you for snorkel trips..very nice indeed.

Making the trek back to the car with chairs on our backs, wet towels in our bags, the sun was beating down on us.  It was time to try Big Beach which would be a first for me.  The sand is wonderfully fine, and the ocean was the most brilliant shades of blue and green.  Waves were crashing onto the shore and we were unsure how we would go about getting in the water without being sent sprawling on the sand.

A quick visit with the handsome lifeguard, got the do's and don'ts of the area and proceeded with caution. We were thinking of the babes of Baywatch, and strutting our stuff, when suddenly we saw our reflection and were shocked back into reality..yes, the lifeguard is handsome, but Pamela Anderson we are NOT! Watching the waves break and timing our entry into the ocean took some time, but we eventually made our way out to just "bob" in the ocean.  Sandy bottom, no worries about cutting our feet on the coral or rocks, we just enjoyed the water.  Getting out was another thing.  A little harder to judge when the waves were coming.  We could see the water getting closer and closer to our towels, and we didn't want our shoes and towels to be carried away by the water. One by one we made our way out with a sigh of relief that we hadn't embarassed ourselves and forced the handsome lifeguard out of his post,we took some time to dry off before starting back to the house.
How cute is this little guy?  Beach bird who kept us company.

We have been using the book Maui Revealed, and looked up good places to eat on the south side of Maui.  We agreed on one, that was on Kihei Road, and proceeded in that direction.  None of us have ever stayed in Kihei, and although the restaurant wasn't far from where we were, the traveling was slow.  So many cars.  It was as crazy crowded as when we went to the Whale Festival!  Bit by bit we creeped up the road and finally found the restaurant, Pupuu Lounge and Grill. 

Gary expressed his concern that we were the only people in the restaurant, and several other places nearby had diners in it.  Still we worked our way in to find someone to seat us.  The menu looked good, and the waiter was very friendly.  Within fifteen minutes, the place was full, we were feeling pretty smart that we timed it like we did. 

Susie and I chose a pupuu punch to start with, the waiter assured us it was really delicious, and after consuming a quarter of it, we were both PUNCHED!  Wow, the bartender really didn't skimp on the liquor in this drink!  Finally our meal arrived,  the ladies all ordered a fish we had never heard of or tried Walu, which has risen to the top as our new favorite fish.  Very white, very buttery tasting and was grilled to perfection.  Gary tried the ceviche which was fabulous as well. Wayne reported his hamburger was good, but he's happy with a burger wherever he goes.

We made it back to the house, so tired, but happy. Cleaning our gear, rinsing our suits and shirts then collapsing in a chair.  Most of us were reading on the deck, watching whales, a couple of blenders, too full for dinner, and we were all in bed by nine o'clock.  The sun and swimming really took it out of us!

We had another cruise ship in the harbor yesterday.  Holland America.  Today looks quiet, no big ships, just the normal sailboats rocking in the harbor.  Looks to be another beautiful day in Lahaina, and we will wait and see what comes our way today.


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