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Thursday, February 24, 2011

snorkeling, golfing, dinner out

We finally decided it was time to venture out in the world of snorkeling.  We have been content to snorkel right out our back door, but decided there might be more fish in the sea just up the road.  Gary & Mark said they weren't interested, so it was Wayne and the three women who took on the trip. Mark and Gary headed south to check out a new snorkel spot, and Wayne and his harem headed north to Kapalua Bay.  This is a beautiful spot on Maui, but parking can be tricky.  We were the early bird that got the worm, and were one of the first to arrive. 

Patti, Wayne, and I wasted little time before we had our snorkel gear on and were ready to explore what lay below.  The waves were coming in pretty good, and we were amused by the folks that were getting knocked down as they attempted to go snorkeling.  We didn't want to become the joke of some other group, so we were most careful on our entry into the ocean and managed to do it without embarrassing ourselves.  The water was a little shocking to begin with, but we soon adapted and were enjoying all the beautiful fish and coral under the sea.  Snorkeling is one of my favorite things to do.  No matter how many times I go, I always find something new to see.  We saw lots of different fish than we'd seen in back of the house we're renting, and the colors of the coral were magnificent
While warming up on the beach and watching the other people, we were entertained by the whale above that was putting on a show VERY close to shore.  As you can see, these kids are clueless!  They are being so careful walking on the lava rocks. 

Patti and I had to go out one more time before we left.  Into the water we go, and it's even cooler than before.  I told her my goosebumps had goosebumps.  We decided to do one swoop around and then head in.  We were swimming, enjoying the view, and almost forgot that we were cold.  We came upon some of the best snorkeling of the day!  Hundreds of the most colorful fish were converging on a large coral head, and we were in awe. 

I took a moment to come up and look around to get my bearings.  I looked and right next to me was a man, a board, and he was strapping on a helmet.  Uh oh, we may have traveled a bit far!  We were out on the breakers where the surfers were.  Time to head in before we get hurt.  Susie meanwhile was on the beach watching us like a mother hen, convinced we were in harm's way.  All was well, and we made it back safe and sound, and saw a fish that neither of us had ever seen.

The plan was to go to Mark and Gary's snorkel spot today, we were getting up early and caravan down the road, but during the night we had the largest thunder and lightening storm you can imagine.  It was blinding, and the thunder was the loudest I can remember.  Needless to say, we've had some rain, and there are flash flood warnings out.  We're going to stay close to the house today and just hang loose.

Gary, Susie, Wayne, & Patti went golfing yesterday afternoon at Kannapali.  They were looking forward to the lovely views from the course and getting back into the game that they play often at home.  Mark and I took this as the night we would do our belated Valentine's celebration.  We made reservations at Mala on the recommendation of our good friend, and wine and food critic, Dave.  Dave rarely steers us wrong on food and wine.  It usually comes with a price tag, but we were prepared for that.  Mala sits next to the ocean, and the menu was wonderful.  Hard to choose what to eat.  We arrived at four o'clock, thinking we would do happy hour until close to sunset then move to our table and finish with dinner and watch the sunset. 

Well, things changed, we moved to the center table nearest the water, informed our waitress we were going to be doing a very leisurely meal and two hours and fifteen minutes later, we had enjoyed some wonderful food, and drink, and were treated to the sea turtles coming in to have a snack at the edge of the water.   The whales were dancing in the background, boats were anchored in the water, and the clouds over Lanai were lovely.  Once the torches were lit it was a beautiful setting for a very memorable meal.

Hard to see, but this was one of the turtles who came in to snack.

Another day in paradise comes to a close. 

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