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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ty the baller

Nothing short of the NBA when the boys names are announced, they run in, circle the court giving high fives to all the spectators

Just when I think I'm sad that Ty is growing up, we have a Saturday morning like today's. Ty had a 9 am basketball game, and he was on fire! He scored four baskets, and had too many rebounds to count. His ability to pass to other players is also amazing for such a young lad. Until I saw the photos, I had no idea of the intensity on his face. His mama thinks he's smiling the whole time, but the photos tell the tale. A young man with steely determination, who's total focus was on the ball. We saw less cheering this week, and more getting into position to get the ball.

Our kids never played organized sports at such a young age, and all we really cared about was Ty having fun. Fun he's having, and good role models are around him, and it's warm and dry. What could be better?

This group that Ty plays for is an outreach program from one of the large Salem churches. It's amazing to me, how many kids are able to play ball, have such nifty uniforms, and it all goes like clockwork with teams coming and going.

I have a feeling that Ty will be playing for years to come. When he can talk an adult into it, he goes to the end of the street where there's a hoop to practice one. Chris and Luke both worked with him this week, and it's just wonderful to see their influences coming through, although I do need to talk to Luke. Wondering if he's the one who taught Ty to use his elbow, and maybe grab the ball rather than letting it be a jump ball? Hmmmmmm

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