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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Makes you go hmmmm

Thursdays are my kindergarten art day. I look forward to going, and feel like a rock star when I walk in the room. "TUTU"!!! is screamed at the top of the little five year old lungs. It makes me smile, and keeps me going back each week. Tempra paint,in hot pink, purple and red,light pink construction paper hearts, and the children put paint on one side, then I fold the heart and VOILA! The magic happens..their design is transferred to the other side, and I sprinkle liberally with glitter. The look in their eyes when the glitter glistens on their perfect heart is priceless...If only they knew how I hate the glitter...it gets everywhere, and I cringe each time I sprinkle it trying to not let it get too out of control. Oh, yes, this and other issues of messes, that's me.

Ty and I went out to lunch then headed to the Gilbert House Children's museum. I used to have a membership and Ty and I went several times a month. I don't remember the last time we went, but it's been awhile. It was a sobering visit. My little guy is growing up and the magic of this place isn't what it used to be. He told me he wished they hadn't changed it, but I think it's he who has changed. We did have a rousing game of giant checkers outside. It was a chess board, but since neither of us knew chess, it was checkers. He's gotten incredibly wiley and sees moves ahead..telling me why he won't move here or there, and having jumping fits when I jump his man, or king my marker. The game came down to two pieces, and it was obvious it was going to the cat. He refused to let it be a draw, so I lost. I was cold, and ready to head home.

The geese have returned to our backyard. It's quite comical. The golf course puts faux coyotes, giant eagles, and moves them around trying to scare the geese. The geese don't mind, and still gather outside our door for our delight.

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