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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Speaking of love

Red wine, and dark chocolate. Nothing quite says love, or is it desire? Either way, it's a winner for me!
Lucy is the original "gotta have it" when it comes to wine and chocolate.

More love in the form of family...The love that grandson Ty feels for the game is so heartwarming. He truly loves the game, and it just tugs on your heartstrings to watch him cheer and twirl when anyone makes a basket!

And what could warm the heart more than a baby learning to play peek-a-boo? Of course at our house we have renamed it to "Teak-a-boo"

So once I did the heart challenge, of course I came across all sorts of heart shaped things. Isn't that always the way? For whatever reason, I had a hard time getting all the things aligned, so that my photos weren't deleted. Hopefully the learning curve is over, and now I can proceed week to week without spending so much time on the entering phase.

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