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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So little time

The sands are running through the hourglass at an alarming rate. We are really doing the go go go, and trying to get it all in, but sadly, ten days isn't enough and some things will have to wait.

We snorkel for one and half hours at a time, and then pack it up drive somewhere else and do it again. It makes for sound sleeping, but I was a little bit of a bore last night during game time. I just couldn't make it past nine o'clock!

I'm getting to be quite friendly with the camera rental folks. Today is the day that I have to turn in the camera. I all ready have four or five discs with shots and videos. Now they want me to post some on their facebook page.  Guess they think this Tutu can figure out the wonders of the wide world web.  Tee hee.

We went to the blow hole and to Honolua Bay yesterday. The size of the fish at Honolua are astounding. My, my, my they grow them big over there. We had a nice time but I was certainly wishing I'd thrown in some shoes. All that walking on rocks in my little flip flops makes for sore feet today. The climb down to the blow hole was a tiny bit treacherous in my inappropriate footwear. I made it, but my dogs are howling this morning!

Now the locals have set up a stand for coconuts and bananas as you start the trail to the blowhole.  Everybody is trying to make a dime these days.

beginning the trail

The jagged cliffs and black volcanic rocks look so beautiful against the white spray of the ocean

There she blows.  This was not as amazing as my first trip to the blowhole. One must really come at high tide to get the full effect. Even with this said, it's still quite lovely

Someone got creative with the scenery here

Mark had all ready scurried back up the hillside, so no heart shots of the two of us

The black, brown, and red make a lovely backdrop to the Pacific Ocean

The people below look like ants

Oh those silly boys.  Hunters at heart. When they saw this wild boar laying on the guard rail they just had to have a shot. Hubs with his itty bitty knife showing you how they bagged this one..

walking down to Honolua Bay.  Love this tree

Here is the bay.  As you look at the photo, the giant fish tend to hang out on the right side.  Being with Iowa of course we had to do the entire loop before we could just enjoy the fish that were so plentiful. We saw species of fish that I have no idea what they are.  they aren't on any charts that I've seen.  Hoping my photos turn out.

Silly fun, playing Tarzan on the trees vines

I was done. It took too much effort to unload all my gear, so here is as close to "Jane" as I was going to get.

Look at Boppy go!

Finally back to the condo in time to see the sun set...This was so much prettier in person. couldn't capture all the rays that were streaming down.  there was a sailboat, and paddle boarding slipping across the skyline

So Karen and I joined the blowers of the conch shells at sunset.  It takes a lot of air to do this! I won't be taking up the trumpet anytime soon.

We are starting to recognize certain turtles and have given them names. there's sweety, yellow square, goiter, and the young ones.  This is one of the young ones. Not as big as the others, and they swim much faster. Very wary of us.

Off for another fun day, we've got our list, and we'll be checking things off.

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