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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maui on my mind

The time is flying. I don't want it to, but I can't stop it.  We start our days early, and try to squeeze as much out of each one as we can. Yesterday was no exception.

We started out with a brisk walk to Farmer's market. Opening at seven am, we were one of the first to arrive. Fresh produce is such a treat and we were low on a few items. The vendors were hanging loose, and in no hurry to put everything out. We had first choice of the papayas, and pineapples, and tasted some of the samples as we worked our way around.

Home with our bounty, it was time to hit the water. Iowa and I gathered our gear and headed down the road to Kapaula Bay. A little before eight, with a promise of "Tiki suprise" when we returned by 9:30. Once again being the early bird paid off. We had prime parking right up front. Edging our way down the stairs and to the powdery sand, we made a pile of clothes on the wall and entered the water.Surprisingly warm, we began the day's snorkel adventure.

Having my rented camera on video I thought I'd try to capture the feel of what snorkeling is like to relive when I return home. We went out as far as the breakers, snooped around a bit in the middle. When Iowa wanted to go over the breakers to see what was on the other side, I declined. Yes, he's strong. A former OSU wrestler, he's tough and he's ornery, but I have a respect for the sea and it doesn't include going over  unknown breakers!

As I headed back to shore, I was very close to getting out when I almost ran head on into a GIANT turtle. Quickly turning the video on, I began to follow this gentle friend. Flippers gracefully cut through the water, if you watched long enough it seemed as if it was effortless flying. The light was catching on his brown and green back and seemed to be twinkling. One other snorkeler was to my left, and didn't seem to notice us as we glided through the water, me with my camera, and he with his big tortoise shell.  I let him go as he neared the rocks. I had a close encounter with coral a few days ago, and didn't want to add to my collection of scratches.

As I was swimming, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I stopped and looked back, and there was a zip lock baggy floating in the water.  I went to retrieve it fearing a turtle would get ahold of it and die. What do I find inside? A wad of money, and a driver's license from Minnesota.  Upon further investigation, it also contained an American Express Card. 

We brainstormed how we were going to get in touch with Bill from Minnesota.  I decided to phone American Express and see if they could help.  After much convincing, I gave them my cell phone number and they would have Bill contact me.  By late afternoon when I hadn't heard from him, I called American Express again. I think I found a better agent, as Bill called while we were dining. 

He was amazed and pleased that I had found it, and tracked him down.  I was so concerned how he would get through the airport without a driver's license.  Bill is coming by this morning in the next hour, and I will do the hand off of the baggie.  It feels good doing the right thing.  My daughter says there's a reason I'm supposed to meet this man.  I'll let you know.

our morning sky.  This is what we're forced to look at each morning.  :-) What you can't see are the turtles that come in to have breakfast. We are entertained until they move on.


Getting over the sticker shot. they grow it here, and they charge plenty

such the perfect pair, and perfect pink!

our travel buddies

our Hawaiian tradition.  HULA PIE! Big enough for the four of us to share

Blue Christmas...seriously??? they are ready for Christmas

this photo made me smile....This little guy had been playing on the beach until late, and his mom was trying to get him cleaned up without getting wet herself. He was sqealing from the cold water.

We walked along the Kaanapali boardwalk, stopping for coolers when they called. Tiki torches, lovers holding hands, and laughter filled the night sky. 

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