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Friday, November 4, 2011

Letterman sweater from the 50's

I'm linking up with shoot. Edit. Submit with the photo I took last night. #1 spent the night, and I informed him I had way more pics of baby boy then him. That was how I set the hook. Then I pulled out a sweater. A very old sweater. One from the 1950's that had been mine. My little sister and I had matching letterman sweaters and had our photo in the local newspaper going door to door with our mom for some philanthropic organization she was involved with.

Being from Oregon, there are two sides. The University of Oregon, and Oregon State. Never the twain shall meet. #1 was brainwashed at a very early age that Oregon State was IT, and U of  O was NOT. Hmmm. Hubs and I both attended OSU, go to all the football games, but aren't as rabid as some fans. We love our school, and that's that. 

Enter, said old sweater. 100% wool that I rediscoved while cleaning out a closet. I thought I'd do an ode to my father. He graduated from U of O law school, and bought the sweaters for my sister and me. Sweater was a bit snug, and very itchy so I was informed, but as I look at the photos I see a boy perhaps from a time gone by, thoughts of Notre Dame and a movie called Rudy....ahhh how I love this boy. And for the record, once we got going, he was telling me what to do, what shots he wanted captured.. I never told him it was a U of O sweater. If you see him, please don't tell him. He's happy knowing it's a letterman's sweater and that's good enough for me too.

and then, she {snapped}


Chic Homeschool Mama said...

SO stinkin' cute!

Baby G's Grandparents said...

Beautiful--The photo looks very vintage (and don't worry, I won't tell).

Lara Anastasia said...

That's one cute fella! Nice capture.

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