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Friday, November 18, 2011

Final hours

As I sit on the Lanai, watching the ocean gently lapping at the sea wall; turtles nibbling on the coral reef below, I try to suck in all the aromas and sea air I can.  Two hours and counting until we leave for the airport.  Ten days is not long enough.  I tried to tell the hubs that when we were booking our travel, but he was insistent that he couldn't be away longer than that.  Then last night he announced, "next time we go for a minimum of 14 days"  No kidding.

Up early, dressed and in the van we headed north to Napili where we dined in the gazebo.  A scrumptious breakfast beside the ocean open air style. Little sparrows litting in and out people lined up and willing to wait up to an hour for this breakfast.  Pineapple pancakes with their secret sauce, and coconut syrup. Oh how I've missed these flavors!  A school of dolphins swam by putting on a show, and a whale was doing his thing off in the distance.  It's early for whales, but we have been entertained by several during our stay. 

This stay has really been about the turtles. My wonderful wonderful turtles that I have given names to.  One has just poked up by a man  who is bobbing in the ocean and has no clue that he has company.  A whale is jumping out on the horizon, and now a tourist boat is in pursuit. 

Hoping all my sea friends will hang loose until I return in February. I can't wait to share with #1 my love of the ocean. I know the son-in-law will be as hyped as I am about the ocean.  Until then....Aloha.

one of my favorite fish. I call him a puffer, but in reality he's a box fish. Royal blue on the bottom, and such cute spots.

This is "youngin" who is wary of people and swims very fast!

so many rainbows, and just enough rain to make them, but not dampen our style.

I'm feeling a bit like this today. If it wasn't for two little boys at home I might just be a castaway and stay awhile longer.

Our first day in town, Karen and I got henna tattoos.  We told the guys that they were real, and how painful it was.  Ha ha...haven't told them yet that it's wearing off.  I'm impressed with all the snorkeling I've done and it's still hanging on..

This is John from Eugene, OR.  He introduces himself as turtle John and loves to take people out to the reefs to look for turtles.  He is 77 years old, had polio as a child, and it's amazing how well he maneuvers out in the ocean. His excitement for the turtles is definitely contagious.

Traveling with a commercial fisherman from Alaska has it's perks. He brought over two salmon.  We used it for two BBQ dinners, a breakfast Teakie surprise, and yesterday was grilled cheese with salmon. Yum mm.  Our omega 3's are doing well.

yesterday was the hubs birthday. He went for a facial. First one. He loved it.  Came home with a new hairdo.:-)

Last night we went to town.  Pupu's at Kimo's  and then a walkabout. Gallery hopping and shopping. Weather was perfect. and the town was hardly inhabited.

Just as the cruise ship leaves the harbor the sun has set.

Karen and I picked the boys up at a bar. Much better to do Front Street without them. A football game was on, and the crowd was raucous.

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Patrice said...

Great shots! I love Hawaii...

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