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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paradise Found

Can you hear the sigh? Can you hear the waves? I can. I'm back to my happy place. Hawaii. I love the air, the flowers, and oh how I crave the water. Not the drinking water, just the ocean.

While snorkeling yesterday it dawned on me why I might be drawn to this paradise. I think it's because even though we come back to the same island, and many times stay in the same place, it's always a different flavor.  The flavor of the week this week is turtles.

I have been swimming with turtles like I've never done before. They seem to come out of nowhere, and there we are, almost cheek to cheek.  Yesterday the conditions were pristine. The sun was shining brightly, the turtles were thick as thieves. We probably saw 18-20 of them. I wanted to take photos so bad I could taste it.

While visiting a dive shop, they mentioned that they rented underwater cameras.  It took me as long as it takes to whip out a credit card and sign on the dotted line for me to march that camera home.  Today wasn't as bright. The turtle shells didn't glisten like they did the day before, but when I looked at the photos, I was still happy....just imagine how much brighter they were yesterday.

Welcome to my favorite place....under the sea
Life is good, there are many rainbows, even a couple of doubles.  Five minutes ago the sky was gray, and the rain was coming down in sheets. Now there is beautiful blue skies, and white puffy clouds that the sun is turning to peach and gray with the sun setting behind them.  It's time to hit the lani, until next time....aloha
Saw this guy as we were just starting out. He's heading for the condo where they like to come in and nibble in front of our room
My snorkel buddy Dave
Our view as we were heading back to land. Look closely. It's a double rainbow...and if you knew which tree, you'd find Mr. Mark in his chair, book in hand, doing Hawaii his way!


MommyG said...

ahhhhhh....GORGEOUS shots!!!! I WANNA BE IN THOSE PICS TOO!! haha...so glad you are in your happy place! :)

kok said...


Baby G's Grandparents said...

I LOVE sea turtles...by the looks of those, I'd say they are Green Sea Turtles, but my Sea World tour guide spiel is a little rusty--hee hee! How awesome that you can rent underwater cameras! Beautiful photos. Breathe in that salt air for me...so jealous!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Goodness...that truly is paradise! Gorgeous shots.

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