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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mama's Fish House

For many years I've heard the wonders of Mama's Fish House. An upscale restaurant that sits on the other side of the island, about an hour from where we are staying.  Last night was the night for me to try it first hand.

We had made an early reservation since it was an hour away. Five o'clock seemed early for dinner, but it turned out many were there ahead of us, and our request for a window seat couldn't be met. We were seated one row back from the window, which was still a lovely view. The windows are open to the outside, but the real eye candy is inside. Augers from the sugar cane plant stand firmly in place acting as beams, beautiful kayaks made of exotic woods hang from the ceiling.  There is an assortment of fishing spears artistically placed on the ceiling.

The wait staff is impeccable. Ours named Chad, formerly from North Carolina.has been living in Maui for twelve years.  Not a hint of an accent, but he warned me that could change after a couple of beers. His wit and attention to detail made the dining experience even better.

Opakakpaka, and mahi mahi were the fish of choice for our table. My opakapaka was so light, flaky and scrumptious I had to have restraint not to lick the plate.

We celebrated Mark's birthday, and tried to savor the atmosphere and time with good friends. The prices were high, even by Maui standards, but it was a special occassion. Maybe I'll get back there again in another twenty five years.

This little guy is building skills to soon be out on the water

We watched the kite boarders and surfers do their dances on the waves before dinner. The waves weren't that big, but the wind was whipping the sails

This was our second check in station.  The decor is so pretty and island flavored

Goofballs waiting for our name to be called.

They had this on the table waiting for Mark

So much to look at! There were WWII newspapers framed with articles about Dec. 7th. I got the crazy idea that mama's had been open that long, but then realized that the last paper was from 1974 when Mama's first opened.  They were lucky that during the sunami, their bay wasn't hit.  We were told that water came up to the palm trees, but the restaurant wasn't touched.

opakapaka, swiss chard, and a jasmine rice seasoned with ginger....to die for!!!

Birthday boy glowing by candlelight

Karen's dessert was a masterpiece. Black pearl, the shell is edible, as is the pearl in the center.  A VERY rich dark chocolate mousee with caramel and coconut

Creme brulee, that had an island flair.  Infused with passion fruit and the most perfect one I've ever tasted.

Friends....from Alaska, to Oregon meeting up in Hawaii.  We went home, played pinocle and laughed so hard that I almost stopped breathing.  A wonderful night to remember for years to come.

Good bye Mama...my sweet new friend. Hope our paths cross again.


Baby G's Grandparents said...

Opakakpaka is my all-time FAVORITE fish, so I fully concur :). Mama's Fish House looked like a feast to both tummy and eyes. And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Mark!!

You guys sure did "suck the marrow" out of Maui, didn't you? You did so many fun and exiting things, but still managed to rest and relax, too. The. Perfect. Vacation!

Mrs. Parker said...

That creme brulee looks AWESOME! yumm...passion fruit! :)

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