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Monday, November 14, 2011

Snorkeling snorkeling

My favorite thing to do in Hawaii is snorkel.  Luckily, Iowa is as crazy about it as I am. Yesterday we drove to the Wailea side of the island and went to a reserve to check out the fish. 

This is a picture postcard location. Molokini, the sunken crater appears to be right at your fingertips, black lava is everywhere and the fish love this area.

I took so many photos that it was a bit tiresome going through them to put a few on here, but here is what I have.

I lost "Iowa" a few times, but then I'd find him nosing around the bottom of the ocean floor.  Happily, I saw two more turtles. They seem to be plentiful this trip.

Mr. Needle nose fish

These guys were bigger than they appear here

While looking for Iowa, I found this friend. We swam together for a short while, and then he tucked himself under a ledge for a nap/

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