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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, dreams, reflections of 2011

What an interesting concept, and fun to go back over my photos from the last year, and think about the year in photos.  So much sweetness, so many changes. Travel back with me, and let's remember.


          This is a shot of me in my "happy place".  I love the ocean, and I love tropical places. I'm the most proud of my family. Each and every one of them seems to be in a very happy state now.                                                                        
                                                          I Love You
The hubs. Patient, kind, and generous. Thirty six years of marriage, and we dated for three years before that. I've been with him more than I've been without him. I think it just might last.

                                                             Still Laughing...
    while in Hawaii my girlfriend and I got henna tattoos. We tried to sell it like we'd just had the real deal. We made it work for a few days, but then they started to smell a rat.  fun times.

                                                        Winter Wonderland - .
      No snow here yet, but we did get a few good frosts. This camellia in it's frosty state is the closest I could come to winter

                                         The hub's birthday at a very special restaurant. Oh, it was so nice!


        A fun weekend with friends in Central Oregon. Bikes, games, wine, and good food with these folks made for a fabulous combination!

        I was a bit of a slow study in the area of bokeh. I worked and worked on it, and now think I've got it. I laugh when I think back to the assignment of custom bokeh. I tried for hours before I finally got it. 

                                                                     Spring Fever

            #1 having an Easter egg hunt. I love spring and the flowers and the smells. Looking forward to spring again this year.

                                                                    Travel or Vacation

              Snorkeling in Hawaii is one of my favorite things to do. I've been fortunate to have had many trips this year. China, Chicago, California. Oh how I love to travel. Dr. Seuss and I  "Oh the places you'll go"

                                                                             Summer Days
                Last summer found many days at water parks. Kids and water is such a winning combination

                                                                               A Day In My Life
                  Several days a week you'll find littles at my house. Fun times, tiring times, and it's amazing how much they've grown this year.

                                                                                All Smiles

                    Baby boy is all smiles. He's a riot right now. So funny.

                                                                                 Autumn Harvest
                      #1 hiding behind the cart of fall bounty.

                                                                               Family or Home.

                        This is the goofy group. It seemed appropriate, and this was our Christmas photo. Nothing too perfect about us, just a goofy group!

                          This was taken last night during our big New Year's eve celebration. Yahtzee and bubbly...and we celebrated east coast New Year, as we're lame and were in bed by 10:30!

                          1. Let's Do It Again... -
                          Chicago! What a fun trip. I love this city and would go back in a heartbeat.

                                                                                        I Miss You
                            My brother.

                              This is a beautiful family.  They are gorgeous to look at, and try to make things right for their children.

                                                                                     DRESSED UP
                              Everyone all dressed up for the wedding

                              I don't have a macro lens in my bag, but a little bird told me there will be one for my birthday! Let me tell you just how excited I am about that. I can't wait to get up close to all sorts of things.


                                How could I not choose this one? The blond Christmas angel. #1 being so sweet and letting me take his photo. These times are becoming more and more rare.

                                                                                          My Favorite  
                                  I love this shot. I love this girl, and her whole family. As she is heading down the aisle to say her "I do", she turned back and I captured her gorgeous face. Really special.

                                                                                     Don't Ever Change 

                                    I hope I never lose my love for the ocean. There is something so rejuvenating about it. The waves, the smells, the clouds, all that surrounds the ocean is something magical to me. I can't go too long without making a trip to the sea.

                                                                                       Just Because...So There!

                                      I chose this photo because it was the first wedding I shot solo. It scared me, I was exhausted, but I feel pretty good with most of the shots. I have known the groom since he was a small boy. He's taken his lumps and this day was such a happy celebration of making good choices and marrying his bride. They have a whole life ahead.

                                                                                         Hopes and Dreams

                                        On Friday I had the privilege of going to my daughter-in-law's ultrasound. I hadn't seen an ultrasound of a baby since I was carrying my daughter almost 30 years ago. All I can tell you is, it was love at first sight! The name of the child, and the gender are not known. It doesn't matter. We are so thrilled, and have such hopes and dreams for this unborn child. There is something so mystical and special about your first born. I can't wait to watch my son and his wife take on this challenge. They are both bright, beautiful people, and I have no doubt the child will blossom and be a heart breaker...after all my heart has been stolen, and I haven't even gotten to hold the baby yet.
                                        Really hoping that the little one waits until March. We are taking a family vacation in February, and I don't want to miss the arrival of this baby. So many hopes and dreams for him/her.



                                          I'm Veronica said...

                                          your family is gorgeous and the snorkeling shot of you is great! love it!

                                          Life with Kaishon said...

                                          You sound like you are so much fun! I LOVE your fake tatoo. It really looked real to me : ) You would have tricked me for sure! Congratulations on the new baby that is coming. That is always the most exciting thing in the world : ) Wishing you a very beautiful new year. Love, Becky

                                          Mary Kate said...

                                          such cute kiddos! And I loved your celebration shot. :) That wedding shot was beautiful so I'm sure the rest are amazing as well.

                                          Deanna said...

                                          Loved seeing pictures of your family and that bride shot is stunning. Hope you have a wonderful 2012.

                                          Ashley Sisk said...

                                          How exciting for a new baby...that'll make 2012 a great year for you. Congratulations!

                                          Lee Ann said...

                                          Oh my goodness! I love the shot with the turtle! And, congrats on becoming a grandparent! I bet you're really excited about that.

                                          Patrice said...

                                          Beautiful photos...congratulations on the new addition to the family. Blessings to you in the new year!

                                          Gina Kleinworth said...

                                          I absolutely love that first one- it is awesome. I also love the ultrasound shots- how exciting!!!!

                                          Anne U said...

                                          Beautiful photos, congrats on the new grandbaby. Happy new year!

                                          Melanie said...

                                          Yay! A new grandbaby, congrats lady! These are all pretty AMAZING, I love the shot of you, so so cool. You have such a beautiful family MG.
                                          Happy New Year friend! Xo

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