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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to me...

I have never liked my birthday. Even as a small child it was not fun. I mean, think about it. You've done the big Christmas and New Year's celebration, you've eaten and drank more than you thought was possible, and then the third of January rolls around and it's time to party. UGH. I need to move my birthday to my half birthday and celebrate in June.

I started the morning off with a workout and a nice book from my work out buddy. Then at nine I met my older sister for breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants in a darling neighborhood. Following that, I stopped by the daughter's house, played with baby boy and we headed out to Willamette Fruit company to get a pie for my celebration that will be tomorrow since the family is all tied up today. I swear, after tomorrow, I'm not eating again for awhile. At least until Thursday when I'm having lunch with a friend. Hmmmm I think there's no hope for me.

Here are photos for the 365 project.  this would be 365:3

I love driving through the neighborhood and looking at the homes.

Glorious day. I could see Mt. Hood and St. Helen's. Hard to believe it's January

This is a spot I will return to. Nice little spot with soups, sandwiches, and of course pie.

Baby boy thought he was hot stuff sitting on the mushroom chair at the mushroom table and using crayons.

Went to dinner with friends. (yes, more food) The son and daughter-in-law have come by for a visit. Once they finish eating they have a gift for me..I guess it's turning out to be OK after all. :-)


Melanie said...

HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY friend! I hope you have a lovely night w/ your family tomorrow, & I have had their pies too. YUMMMMM. Beautiful shot of St Helens!

Good thing I drank a LOVELY glass of reisling tonight, just for you. Of course! Xo

Kathy said...

Happy birthday to you!


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