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Monday, December 26, 2011

The morning after

Packages are opened, bows are all about, and the final remnants of Christmas lay untouched. Today is the day after a much anticipated joyous holiday that tends to take all energy from everyone concerned. We put out our best food, and decor, beverages flow freely, new recipes are ventured into. Families come and laugh and celebrate. Carols are sung, remembrances of the reason for the season are thoughtfully attended to, and today is the day that it all catches up to me.

I stayed in my pj's until one, then feeling guilty pulled it together to get some clothes on and do some cleaning up.  We had a fabulous time. Two FULL days, little ones, elders, friends, and family all coming together.

Bauna Caulada, which has been our Christmas eve tradition for several years. Lots of laughter, too much food, and lots of fun

The DIL is such a good sport. As I look back on the photos, there was a LOT of belly rubbing going on!

In our family it has always been a tradition that the youngest child has bows stuck on their head at some point during the festivities. This year, daddy joined in on the fun

Such a clown! He wore that waste basket for quite awhile.

New books are always a hit. Great Aunt Nancy takes a turn as reader

Christmas morning, all the adults are awake, drinking coffee and trying to patiently wait for the children to awaken so we can begin the fun.

Santa even had a stocking for the "bun in the oven"

We call baby boy the cobbler for his love of shoes. The cowboy boots were his choice of footwear and then Santa brought him new shoes that he tried his best to put on over the boots.

Such a sweet moment when the brothers had a snuggle.

Bun will have cute hats to wear.

Baby boy has his own guitar now. Wonder if he will leave Boppy's alone?

The gentle brain washing continues.  :-) Go Giants!

Ride 'em cowgir1l

Some of the sweetest gifts are hand made.

When we were pulling up to our house, what did we see???

Wednesday the nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews will come together for a family reunion and try to pick it all up again. Oh Lord, grant me strength.

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