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Friday, January 27, 2012

Frosty Friday

Jack Frost was visiting during the night. We felt it when we went to bed, a little chillier than the previous nights, and this morning, a fabulous, frosty Friday. I grabbed the camera, so grateful to not have rain!!!

The lone red rose...not sure why there is a bud, but look how pretty it looks with a sugar like coating!

The rose hips that I should have pruned away. Bad me.

The air was so crisp and clean, and the sound of the hundreds of geese taking flight filled the air. I never find the sounds of the geese to be annoying, but rather comforting.

Look closely, a lone goose flys overhead

The hummingbirds had slushies this morning. Heard several around, but only caught this one sipping

Baby boy's wading pool frozen with leaves beneath. Looking like a bad cellophane wrap job.

The last of the camellias.


Melanie said...

These are all beautiful! The one lone rose is stunning. Something romantic about a single frosty rose. Talk to you soon lady!


Gina Kleinworth said...

What beautiful frost!!!! I love how you captured all it brought!

Liz said...

Beautiful frost shots!!

Nukke said...

Oh how beautiful frosty pics you have here !!! Those geese are so cool as theyare so and so noisy :)

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