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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finding joy

For my birthday, I received the book,Choosing Joy by Angela Thomas. It's broken down into 365 days, you take a small piece each day and think, and reflect.   One of the ways I truly find joy, is with my camera. Then, add to that a new birthday lense, and I'm nearly euphoric. Wednesday, Wednesday, baby boy day, a true way to find joy.

a little joy in the fact that the kitties, after a month are starting to get close again. Still not back to how they were when gray cat was missing for 10 days, but it's slowly getting better.

The inside of my pantry. Two days ago my daughter and I emptied all the shelves, wiped and reorganized everything. It feels great.
Seeing this bokeh brings me joy
Winter tree against a blue sky with clouds. Such gorgeous days we've been having
Spring can't be far away from the looks of the buds that I found in the yard.
who knew moss could be so joyful?
Rhodies will be in full bloom before I know it. May is a month of total splendor here with the rhodies and azaleas
The crocus are croaking as the green shoots push through the frozen ground

Frosty leaves this morning.
Oh heart be still These lashes are just too much, and I won't even go into those sweet cheeks.
My hummer friends having a morning cocktail at the same time. I never tire of watching them zip around.
When life gives you lemons, pull out the sugar, it's time for lemonade....or lemon drops...you decide!

An amazing sunrise this morning. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Hmmm wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Yes, choosing joy will be conscious effort, but I think I can win the battle!


Melanie said...

These all made my heart full of joy! OH MG looooove your new lens, that is your new one right? Uggggg... GORGEOUS. That is some stunning moss, for sure! Lol.

if ya ever want to straight up trade for my Kodak point & shoot, you just let me know! HAhhhaaa)


MommyG said...

JEALOUS!!! LOVE YOUR NEW LENS and the beauty you are finding with a new perspective of the world around you. Gorgeous!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Great finds- I think my fav is that water drop- gorgeous!

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