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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scavenger Hunt December 4th

What a week! The hubs left town on Wednesday. Traveled with his bromance to Washington state to fish on the Snake River. Came home with lots of fish, so that's the good news. The sad news of the week, was my sweet kitty got let out by a contractor who failed to shut the front door. Ugh. Hoping I find her soon.
On with the scavenger hunt. This week's prompts were portrait, nostalgic, time, full of light, and motion.
This is my 94 year old father-in-law. Took this a few weeks ago when I was trying to get a group photo for our Christmas card


The antique vanity items sit on my bathroom counter. Cut glass powder box, silver and glass perfume bottle and a monogrammed silver mirror.  Sometimes I wish these could talk and tell me where they've been. No doubt a fine lady used the powder box as well as the mirror.


The time keeping deer.

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#1 is in jump rope club at school. I was able to get him a rope to practice. He was so diligent with his jumping. Phew! He jumped and jumped and jumped.


Last Sunday when the prompts were posted, I went looking for shots. The rain was pouring down, and I originally thought I would use this for motion. After looking more closely, I saw so much light reflected in the leaves. Who knew? Even on a gray dreary day, I found some light!

Go over to Ashley's http://www.ashleysisk.com/ and check out the other hunters. I'm so impressed with the photos others take.


Aud's Space said...

Ooo very pretty vanity items! Great shot of time as well, good job!

Susan said...

Great collection! Love the pretty mirror and powder box and the fun time keeping deer.

Melanie said...

Oh MJ, you never disapoint! You sure did capture that handsome fellow wonderfully, in the portrait take. I am jealouse of the pretty brush & mirrow set you have. I am praying your sweet kitty comes back to you asap! Xo

Saun said...

Awesome! what a great set to many favorites to just pick one.

LINDYLOR said...

I love your Portrait Shot, good set.

Jen said...

Those leaves are beautiful!! I love your portrait and motion shots too!
Great set :)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Love your portrait- I bet he has some amazing stories to tell. I could spend all day with him- just listening. :)

Linda R. said...

I really enjoyed looking at all your shots. Your time made me smile. A a fabulous portrait shot..

Hugs, Linda

Kathy said...

That is an awesome "motion" capture!


Buckeroomama said...

I love your set --good work. :) The leaves are beautiful!

I hope you find your kitty soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I hope your cat comes home. So sorry to hear that news.

Wonderful set of photos.

Jenn said...

I really like your full of light shot!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great job - I really like the portrait.

Patrice said...

Great shots - I love your dad's portrait and Time

Ms. Becky said...

I love your take on the prompts. Portrait is beautifully done. and the vanity items are so rich and lovely, I just want to pick up each one and handle it. it isn't everyone who could or would notice light in rain, and I love that you did, and captured it. motion is excellent! nicely done. happy week to you!

Nina said...

what beautiful photos!!!! that time keeper is so AWESOME.i hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!

I am also hosting a giveaway! a one of a kind feather hair accessory, by The Gray Deer ($16 worth/USA Residents only)!

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