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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

So Halloween is in the air, children are excited, little goblins, and such will walk the streets.Excitement will be in the air, as this is a fun time for little ones. I'm getting into the swing of it by dressing up to accompany my friend to chemo. Round two, and we will take the place by storm! I will place a diamond (faux of course) on her head, and I will be a leopard protecting the queen as she takes her seat in the room with matching chairs. I will bring happiness and laughter into this somber place, I must.

On Monday we had the kids and their kids over to carve pumpkins and have dinner. It was wild, it was loud, and I think we survived!  Not too many carvers this year, but it was a time of togetherness, crazy family stuff that hopefully will be good memories.

I love to take photos, and I try hard to take nice well composed shots, but at times like pumpkin carving in the garage with one light bulb, it was more important to get the people in a shot rather than look for beautiful photography...so, these are not photos I'm particularly proud of, they do show family and will remind us of fun times.

 So while preparing, I bought these cute gel Halloween decorations that I put on the door low enough for the Little's to see. Started out the cats got them down, then the kids took them down, so I'm the only one who really enjoyed them!

You can see how only 50% of this team was into doing a pumpkin.

 Rowdy and his mama were diligent with working on their pumpkin.

Daughter in law worked hard at getting the top off of the 44 lb pumpkin. We had such a cute idea for a photo..The bobber hanging on her forehead is used so the hubs knows where to stop the car! Nice touch, don't you think?

Little guy didn't have the patience or interest in carving a pumpkin. He was more interested in the light up skull. I think the broom and mop handles hanging behind him could be used in what not to do when taking photographs!
 And here was our great idea gone bad. Torture is the only way to describe this. Not quite the Anne Geddes moment we were hoping for. Flash, shadows, oh let me count the ways this is not a good shot.
Hoping everyone has a safe night tonight..watch out for the goblins on the streets!

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Leovi said...

Very funny and cute pictures. Exciting party.

Tamar SB said...

That's a lot of pumpkin fun! Love the baby in the pumpkin, she seems to think differently! Have a happy day!

LivingFree said...

Looks like a fun, joy filled evening. I love that you focused on capturing the moments and memories even if it wasn't portrait perfect photos. I have to remind myself of this often.

Kim Cunningham said...

LOL...babygirl in the pumpkin is hilarious!

Katie said...

That is so fun with the pumpkin!!

I hope you have a fabulous Halloween!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Looks like a fun time- although little miss doesn't look happy to be in that pumpkin. Although I don't really blame her.

Katie said...

This looks like a really fun evening!

Anonymous said...

I think you captured wonderful moments and that is what matters the most! Poor Little One, it looks she thinking the pumpkin is going to eat her for real ;)

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