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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wisconsin and Chicago

Tomorrow will be 36 years of marriage to Mr. Mark.  Wow. Where did the time go? To celebrate, we took a trip to Wisconsin / Chicago.  The Oregon State Beavers were having their first away game, and it is a state we had never visited so it sounded good.

More than good, it was fantastic! Aside from the football team not showing up, it was a perfect get away filled with our favorite things. We saw professional baseball in a park neither of us had visited, we were with old friends and laughed so hard we almost cried, and met some of the most friendly kind people ever.

Traveling can bring challenges, and patience and courtesy need to be top priority. I'm happy to say that our group scored an A+ in both areas. One bus to the game was 30 minutes late, but aside from that, all our transportation came off without a hitch.

I have a new fondness for the state of Wisconsin, and I will smile huge smiles each time I see their cheese, or the mention of their state.  Madison was a fun filled college town, and the students really get behind their football team. They were half of the entertainment.  Sometimes crass, but always energetic.

Being short on time, I'll just post some photos, and perhaps tell more travel details later.
my first peek at Wisconsin.  I loved all the green!

all the farms were so clean and picturesque

our lunch stop

Brewery tour with brewmaster.  You are looking at Laverne and Shirley!

billed as quite the pitching duel, the Phillie's took this game. Would have loved for the Brewers to win, so we could feel the electricity from the home crowd, but alas, they lost.  Gorgeous park, and great atmosphere.

our final look at Miller Park as the rental car headed back to Madison.  Milwaukee was fun, historic, and a nice stop along the way.

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R and R's Grandparents said...

Happy Anniversary!!! And what a great adventure to see both a football game and a baseball game. Erika and I went to a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field several years ago--the atmosphere was electric! Awesome photos, as always!

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